Understanding What Virtual Assistants Do and What They Don’t

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 23, 2024
Discover what virtual assistants do and how they can streamline your business operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The role of virtual assistants has become increasingly pivotal in today’s digital-first business environment. 

Many wonder exactly what do virtual assistants do and how they can leverage such services to optimize workflows. 

They provide administrative, technical, and creative services remotely, offering a cost-effective way to manage workloads and boost efficiency.

While assistants can perform many tasks, there are specific areas where they may not be able to assist.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do

A woman strategizes marketing plans, showcasing strategic planning in what do virtual assistants do.

Administrative Support

Virtual assistants manage administrative tasks like data entry and scheduling, freeing up your time for strategic activities.

Customer Service and Engagement

They handle customer inquiries across platforms, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty with minimal supervision.

Social Media and Marketing Management

These assistants schedule posts, engage followers, and analyze marketing data to enhance and refine your online presence.

Event Planning and Coordination

They also efficiently organize webinars and corporate events, manage logistics, handle registrations, and ensure smooth execution.

Content Creation and Management

Creating blog posts, editing videos, or managing your content calendar can be delegated to skilled virtual assistants.

Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting

You can get help with efficiently managing invoices, payments, and basic transactions, but complex accounting tasks may require a specialist.

What Virtual Assistants Do Not Do

A man analyzing data reflects the analytical side of what do virtual assistants do.

In-Person Duties and Physical Tasks

These assistants are not able to perform tasks that require physical presence, such as office management or onsite customer service.

Advanced Technical Tasks Requiring Specialized Training

Assistants manage routine technical tasks, more complex issues like software development or extensive troubleshooting require specialized professionals.

Large Scale Project Management

You can get aid in project coordination, but managing large-scale projects requiring extensive team management is beyond their scope.

Legal and Medical Advice

Professional advice in areas requiring licensed experts, such as legal or medical fields, cannot be provided by them.

Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant managing online content as part of what do virtual assistants do.

Assessing Your Needs and Expectations

Identify the tasks you need help with and consider which skills are essential for your virtual assistant to possess.

Identifying Key Skills and Expertise

Look for virtual force with experience in the specific areas you need assistance with, such as social media or bookkeeping.

Understanding Costs and Communication Styles

Evaluate their communication proficiency and understand the cost implications to find a virtual assistant that fits your budget and working style.

Maximizing the Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Hands typing on a laptop highlight the communication aspect of what do virtual assistants do.

Effective Communication Strategies

Establish clear communication channels and regular updates to ensure tasks are performed according to your standards.

Setting Clear Goals and Expectations

Define clear objectives and deadlines to help your virtual assistant understand their responsibilities and your expectations.

Tools and Technologies for Collaboration

Utilize tools like Asana, Slack, or Trello to facilitate effective collaboration and task management.

Common Misconceptions 

Virtual assistants are professional service providers who significantly boost productivity for both minor tasks and substantial business functions.

Emphasize that they are adaptable but best used within the scope of their skills and remote work limitations.


Their help can play a crucial role in optimizing your business operations by handling a variety of tasks from remote locations. 

This guide highlights their capabilities and addresses misconceptions to inform your hiring decisions.

With proper understanding and strategic implementation, virtual assistants can significantly contribute to your business efficiency and growth.

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CEO & Co-Founder

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