Why You Need to Hire a Dedicated UX Designer from LATAM

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 12, 2024
The decision to hire a dedicated UX designer from Latin America (LATAM) can be a game-changer for digital marketing efforts, offering a blend of cost-effectiveness, skill diversity, and cultural alignment with US businesses. Here’s why:

The decision to hire a dedicated UX designer from Latin America (LATAM) can be a game-changer for digital marketing efforts, offering a blend of cost-effectiveness, skill diversity, and cultural alignment with US businesses. Here’s why:

  • Cost Savings: Hiring from LATAM can save US companies more than 50% on salaries without compromising quality.
  • Cultural and Time Zone Alignment: LATAM designers often share cultural backgrounds with US teams and work in similar time zones, easing collaboration.
  • Diverse Skills: Access to a wide pool of talent skilled in user research, information architecture, and visual design.
  • Innovative Design: Fresh perspectives from different markets fuel creativity and innovation.

In essence, LATAM provides a practical solution for companies seeking to enhance their digital presence while managing costs and fostering a collaborative working environment. Utilizing platforms like VLink simplifies the process of finding and integrating LATAM talent into your projects, offering an efficient route to bolstering your digital marketing strategy.

The Challenge When Deciding to Hire a Dedicated UX Designer

A graphic designer using a stylus on a drawing tablet, representing the type of skilled professionals staffing firms connect with businesses.

Companies in the US often have a hard time finding the right UX designers who fit their budget and specific needs. Here are some common problems they run into:

High Costs of Local Talent

UX designers in the US usually ask for more than $100 per hour. This price is too high for many small and medium-sized businesses that want to make their online spaces better. Tight budgets make it hard to hire locally.

Lack of Specialized Skills

UX design includes many specific skills – like user research, making information easy to find, designing how users interact with a site, and making it look good. It’s rare to find a designer who’s good at everything needed for a project. Most are experts in just one or two areas.

Cultural and Communication Barriers

For companies that work globally, it can be challenging to work with US-based designers because of cultural differences. These differences can affect how they communicate, their design style, and how they see your brand.

Finding the Right Organizational Fit

It’s important that designers not only have the right skills but also fit well with your company’s culture, work style, and pace. However, it’s tough to figure this out during the hiring process.

High Turnover Rates

On average, a UX designer in the US stays in their job for less than 2 years. They often leave for other opportunities, which can disrupt your work and cause you to lose important knowledge.

Long Hiring Lead Times

Hiring a UX designer takes a lot of time. You have to post the job, sift through applicants, interview them, and then make an offer. This process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Finding skilled UX talent that fits what your organization needs and can afford is tough. But hiring from places with a lot of tech talent, like Latin America, can make things easier. You can save money, find people with the specific skills you need, work well together culturally, keep them longer, and hire them faster.

The LATAM Solution for UX Design Talent

Close-up of a map focused on Brazil, indicative of the global reach staffing firms may have in sourcing talent.

Key Advantages of Sourcing from LATAM

Hire a Dedicated UX Designer from Latin America (LATAM) comes with some big perks:

  • Cultural Alignment: Designers from LATAM often share similar cultural backgrounds with US teams, making it easier for everyone to get along and work together. They get what North American users want and can make designs that really speak to them.
  • Overlapping Time Zones: LATAM is not too far ahead or behind US time zones, so it’s easy to schedule meetings or check-ins.
  • English Proficiency: Many tech professionals in LATAM are good at English, which means talking about projects is smooth and straightforward.
  • Innovative Design Approaches: LATAM designers have seen a lot of different markets, so they bring fresh and creative ideas to the table.
Significant Cost Savings

Hire a Dedicated UX Designer from Latin America can save a lot of money compared to hiring in the US:

A comparison table showing designer salary differences between the US and LATAM, relevant to staffing firm cost-saving strategies.

You also save on HR costs since many LATAM designers are happy to work on a contract basis.

Access to Diverse UX Design Talent

LATAM has a wide pool of UX designers who know a lot about:

  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design

This means you get designers who can handle all sorts of design challenges. They also keep up with the latest in UX design.

How to Hire a Dedicated UX Designer from LATAM

Handcrafted mobile app wireframes, the type of creative project staffing firms might staff for tech companies.

Defining UX Designer Requirements

Before you start looking for a UX designer from Latin America, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for:

  • List what the designer will do. This helps you figure out what skills they need to have.
  • Think about whether you need someone good at specific things like studying users or making designs, or if you need someone who can do a bit of everything.
  • Decide how experienced they should be. This affects how much they know and how long they’ve been working.
  • Consider if they need to know how to use certain design tools or even some coding.
  • Don’t forget about personal skills like being able to talk well, work with others, manage their time, and work on their own.

Knowing what you need helps you pick the right person.

Finding the Right LATAM Talent

When looking at candidates from Latin America, pay attention to:

  • Work they’ve done before that’s like what you need. Look at their projects and skills.
  • Cultural fit – Make sure they talk and work in ways that match your team. This makes working together easier.
  • How they deal with others – Ask them about how they work and communicate. This shows if they have good personal skills.
  • How well they speak English – Talk a lot in English during the interview to see how well they understand and can express themselves.
  • How they think about design – Have them explain their design work. This tells you how they approach problems.

Taking time to check these things helps your new designer fit in better.

Onboarding and Integrating New Talent

Once you’ve chosen your new designer, help them start off right:

  • Set communication rules – Tell them how you like to talk (using Slack, email, etc.), when to respond, and when to have meetings.
  • Show them the tools and how things are done – Teach them about the design tools and how your team works.
  • Give them goals and a buddy – Tell them what you expect in the first few months and pair them with someone who can help.
  • Help them get to know the team – Do fun online activities so they can meet everyone.

A good start helps your new designer from Latin America become an important part of your team quickly.

Conclusion: The Smart Move for Finding Digital Marketing Talent

A professional planning a mobile app interface, showcasing the detail-oriented talent staffing firms provide to tech businesses.

Choosing hire a dedicated UX designer from Latin America is a smart move for digital marketing teams looking for talent. Here’s why:

Save Money Without Losing Quality

You can save more than half of what you’d pay for a UX designer in the US by hiring from Latin America. And the best part? You still get top-notch work. It’s like getting a great deal without sacrificing quality.

Easy to Work Together

Because Latin America isn’t too far from the US, and the cultures are somewhat similar, working together is pretty straightforward. Plus, being in similar time zones makes it easier to talk and work on projects together.

Lots of Special Skills

Latin America has a big pool of UX designers who are really good at specific things like user research, making information easy to find, designing how users interact with sites, and making everything look good. This means you can find someone who fits exactly what you need.

New Ideas and Creative Solutions

Designers from Latin America bring fresh, creative ideas because they’ve worked in different markets. This can help make your projects stand out.

Quick to Hire

Platforms like VLink make it quick to find and hire the right people from Latin America. This means you won’t have to wait long to get started on your projects.

More Time for the Big Picture

When you let someone else take care of UX design, your team can focus on the big stuff like planning and improving your brand. This gives you more time to work on what really matters.

In short, hiring UX designers from Latin America is a good choice because it helps your digital marketing by providing specialized talent, easy collaboration, new ideas, and saving money. It’s a smart way to prepare for the future.

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