When to Hire a Dedicated UI/UX Graphic Designer

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 12, 2024
When considering the crucial role of UI/UX in customer satisfaction and business growth, hiring a dedicated designer is essential for creating intuitive and compelling digital experiences.
Multiple prints of mobile app interface designs spread across a surface designed by an UI/UX Graphic Designer.

UI/UX design isn’t just about good looks; it’s about creating a seamless, enjoyable experience for your users, which in turn can significantly boost your business. Whether you’re starting a new project, addressing UX issues, or aiming to stand out in a crowded market, a dedicated UI/UX graphic designer can make a big difference.

The Significance of UI/UX Graphic Designer

Making your website or app easy and enjoyable for people to use (that’s what we mean by UI/UX design) is super important for any business these days. When your website or app feels good to use, people are more likely to be happy with your service, buy more from you, and help your business grow faster

Some facts about it include and clarify that If someone has a bad time using your site or app just once, 88% of them might never come back. This shows how crucial a good user experience is for keeping customers around.

73% of people say that how easy and enjoyable a website or app is to use matters a lot when they’re deciding to buy something. So, a good user experience can set you apart from competitors.

In short, focusing on making your website or app better to use isn’t just nice to have—it’s essential for growing your business. The numbers clearly show that investing in good UI/UX design can pay off.

When You Need a Dedicated UI/UX Graphic Designer

A UI/UX graphic designer brainstorming app design with sketches and icons on paper, showcasing the creative process in design development.

Knowing the right time to get a UI/UX designer on your team can help your product do better. Here are the main reasons why you might need one.

Building from Scratch

Starting a new project? It’s smart to have a UI/UX graphic designer with you from the beginning. They get what your business wants, what your users need, and what can be done technically. Having good design from the start saves time and makes your product work better.

Complex Interfaces

If your product has a lot of complicated parts, like charts, steps to follow, or interactive bits, a UI/UX expert can make these easier to use. They organize information and design things so everything feels simpler.

Addressing UX Issues

When users keep running into problems or find your app confusing, a UI/UX designer can figure out what’s wrong. By testing with users and doing research, they fix these issues so your app is easier to use.

Boosting Engagement

If people are losing interest in your app because it looks old or works slowly, a UI/UX designer can update and improve it. This can make users happy to use your app again.

Improving Retention

A UI/UX graphic designer can make your app more enjoyable, so people want to keep using it. They find where users are leaving and make those parts better to keep users around.

Benefits of a Dedicated Designer

 UI/UX graphic designer's workspace with user interface sketches and design tools, reflecting the meticulous planning behind user experience.

Hiring a dedicated UI/UX graphic designer can make a difference for businesses wanting to make their product better for users. Here’s why it’s a good idea:

Users Will Like Your Product More

A designer who only works on making your app or website user-friendly will help create something that people enjoy using. When users have a good time on your app, they’re more likely to use it again and tell others about it.

Easier to Use

These designers are pros at organizing information and making sure users can find and do what they need without getting frustrated. They test and tweak designs to make everything from signing up to buying something as smooth as possible.

Keeps Users Interested

A well-designed app or website keeps users coming back. By adding fun elements or making the design look great, a UI/UX designer can make your product more engaging.

Your Brand Looks Consistent

A dedicated designer will make sure your app and website look the same across all platforms, making your brand easily recognizable. This helps build trust with your users.

Saves Money and Time

Even though hiring a designer might seem expensive, they save you money in the long run. They do this by increasing how much users engage with your product and by making the design process more efficient.

When to Think About Other Options

A UI/UX graphic designer evaluating a web interface on a whiteboard, an integral step in the user interface design process.

If you’re just starting or your budget is tight, hiring a full-time UI/UX designer might not be possible right away. Here are some other paths you could take:

Freelance Designers

Instead of hiring someone full-time, you can work with a freelance UI/UX designer. They charge by the project or hour, which can save you money since you’re not paying a regular salary and benefits.

Freelancers give you a chance to try things out without a big commitment. You can start with a small project to see how well you work together. If it goes well, you might even talk about a more long-term arrangement later on.

Design Agencies

Design agencies have teams that know a lot about different areas, like UX research, making things look good (visual design), and building the front end of websites. This means you get a lot of expertise all at once.

They’ll spend time getting to know your product and what your users need, then come up with designs that fit your goals. This custom work usually costs more than hiring a freelancer.

Agencies are good for big or complex projects, or if you need to be able to scale your design needs up or down quickly. Just keep in mind that you might not always work with the same designers every time.

UX Design Tools

When your product is very new, you can use UX design tools to make your prototypes. Tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and others let you sketch out how your app or website will work and test it out without needing a designer right away.

This is good for basic testing of your ideas, but you won’t have the expert advice of a UX professional. As your product grows, you’ll likely need to bring in specialist designers.

When to Hire In-House

When your product starts to take off and more users are coming in, it’s a good time to think about getting a UI/UX graphic designer to work just for you.

Having someone who only focuses on making your product easy and enjoyable to use means you can make changes and test new ideas faster. It also helps keep your brand looking the same everywhere.

Choosing between hiring someone yourself or getting help from outside depends on how big your product is and what your users need. But spending money on good UX design usually ends up paying off by making your customers happier and more likely to stick around.


Hiring a UI/UX graphic designer who knows their stuff is a smart choice for any company that wants to make apps or websites that people love to use. Good design isn’t just about looking nice; it’s about making things easier and more enjoyable for the people who use your product. 

If you’re kicking off a new project, getting a UI/UX designer involved from the start can help make sure your app or website is easy and fun to use right out of the gate. And if you notice that people are getting stuck or frustrated with your app, a UI/UX designer can figure out why and fix it. Remember, they’re good at understanding problems and making things better.

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