Here Are 20 Famous Outsourcing Quotes to Get Inspired Today

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 12, 2024
Unleash business potential with outsourcing, as industry leaders reveal how it accelerates efficiency and nurtures innovation.
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Discover the transformative power of outsourcing quotes with insights from industry leaders. This article compiles 20 inspiring quotes from notable figures offering a wide-ranging perspective on leveraging external expertise to enhance business efficiency and innovation.

Beyond inspiration, we delve into the practical benefits and strategic considerations of outsourcing, highlighting its role in cost savings, accessing expert knowledge, increasing efficiency, and fostering creativity. Whether you’re contemplating outsourcing quotes for the first time or looking to refine your strategy, these quotes and insights provide valuable guidance for making informed decisions.

Top 20 Inspiring Outsourcing Quotes

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1. Warren Buffet 

“I believe in the power of outsourcing. In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats.”

Warren Buffett, a very successful investor, likes to invest in companies that are strong and can stay ahead of their competition. He compares these companies to castles with deep moats around them, meaning they have special advantages that keep them safe from other competing businesses.

Some things that make a company like a strong castle include having loyal customers, like Coca-Cola. 

Buffett thinks these advantages help companies keep making money even when times are tough. He looks for these qualities when he decides to invest in a company.

2. Arthur Laffer 

“Outsource everything but your core business.”

Arthur Laffer, an economist who came up with the Laffer Curve, talks about taxes and how they affect the economy. His advice on outsourcing is simple: keep your main work in-house and let others handle the rest.

Things like handling the money, fixing computer issues, and talking to customers might be done better by companies that specialize in those areas. This lets you focus on what’s special about your business.

Successful businesses know what they’re best at and shine in those areas. By letting other companies handle the everyday tasks, you can put more effort into making your main product or service even better.

3. Jagdish Dalal 

“Figure out what you’re really good at and what you’re not. You can’t do everything for everyone.”

Jagdish Dalal, who knows a lot about business strategy, tells us it’s important to understand what you and your business do best. He says outsourcing is most helpful when you’re clear about your strengths.

With this one of these outsourcing quotes, Jagdish suggests taking time to figure out what sets your product, service, or way of doing things apart. Don’t waste energy trying to be good at things that don’t fit your main skills.

Getting to the heart of what makes your business special and using outsourcing to support that is key. Let others handle the regular stuff so you can focus all your energy on the unique things. This strategy can make your business stand out.

4. Larry Elder Quote

“Do what you’re best at and let others take care of the rest.”

Larry Elder, a well-known radio host and writer, thinks businesses should stick to what they know best. He suggests letting outside experts handle the other stuff. If you try to do everything yourself, you might not do anything well. It’s better to focus on what you’re good at.

In simple terms, Larry says not to stretch yourself too thin trying to do everything. Instead, make the most of what makes you unique and trust other companies to do the rest. This way, you can shine at what you do best and be more successful.

5. Stephen Covey Quote

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Stephen Covey, who wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, really believed in doing what you’re good at. He thought outsourcing was a smart way to work.

Covey suggested figuring out what you and your team do well. Put all your effort and best skills into those things.

He believed knowing what to do yourself and what to let others do is a smart move for any leader. It lets you focus on improving and being creative in the things that matter.

6. Janet Yellen Quote

“Outsourcing is a big part of how the world does business now. It has its good sides and its bad sides.”

Janet Yellen, who led the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018, shares her thoughts about outsourcing quotes on the good and bad of sending jobs to other countries.

Yellen thinks outsourcing will keep growing as technology makes the world more connected. But companies need to think hard about what to outsource. They should consider what jobs they can send away without dropping quality or upsetting customers. 

Keep the really important jobs close to home, especially those that talk directly to your customers or handle sensitive info.

7. Ryan Khan Quote

“Focus on what you’re good at, and find someone else to do what you’re not.”

Ryan Khan, who knows a lot about business, says companies should do what they’re best at and let others handle the rest. Take time to figure out what your business does well and think about what makes your product or service stand out.

In short, Ryan says to use other people’s help so you can stick to what you do best. This way, you turn weaknesses into strengths by not spreading yourself too thin.

8. Lee Kuan Yew Quote

“To stay ahead, we need to make sure our workers keep getting better at their jobs. This means always learning new skills. It’s the company’s job to help with this, not something you can hand off to someone else.”

Lee Kuan Yew, who was the first leader of Singapore, really believed in making sure workers were always learning and improving. The better each worker is at their job, the better the company does against others. This all comes down to their skills.

As the world changes, workers need to keep up by learning new skills. This keeps them good at their jobs and that’s why Lee was a big fan of always learning. He knew that for companies to beat others, their workers needed to be the best.

9. Azim Premji Quote

“Focus on your core competence and outsource the rest.”

Azim Premji helped make Wipro one of the biggest IT companies in the world. He believes in keeping things simple: know what you’re good at, put all your effort into it, and let other people handle everything else. 

He used this focused way of doing things to build a huge tech company that’s all about IT services and consulting. By outsourcing other jobs, Wipro could put everything into its main strength.

This approach was a success. Wipro now helps companies around the world with their digital changes. Azim’s success also made him one of the richest people in India. His knowledge sure is one of the biggest for outsourcing quotes.

10. Stuart Wood Quote

“Focus on the 20% that gives 80% of your results.”

Stuart Wood, who advises companies on how to do better, talks about focusing on what matters. He’s into the idea that doing a few important things well can lead to big success. 

In many businesses, a small part of what they do (like 20%) leads to most of their success (about 80%). Try to figure out which parts of your work are making the biggest difference. These are the things you need to focus on.

This idea from Stuart Wood is all about not spreading yourself too thin. By knowing what parts of your work have the biggest impact and putting your effort there, you can achieve more. And by getting help with the rest, you can make sure you’re always working on what’s most important.

11. Michael Corbett Quotes

“Stick to what makes your business special. Let someone else take care of the rest.”

Michael Corbett, who knows a lot about starting and running businesses, tells us to keep our eyes on what our company does best. Think about what your company does better or differently than others and bring in people who can help make this unique part stand out even more.

12. Lise Cartwright Quote

“Focus on what you’re really good at, and team up with others for everything else.”

Lise Cartwright has helped lots of businesses get better at what they do. She says to figure out what you or your business does better than anyone else. Then, for the stuff that’s not your strong suit, find people who are good at those things to help out.

Lise’s advice for outsourcing quotes is all about knowing what you or your business is best at and sticking to it. Put your effort into being even better at those things. For the rest, find the right partners to help you out. This way, you can shine at what you do best.

13. Kevin E. Kruse Quote

“Just be really good at one thing. The best, actually. And let others handle what you’re not good at.”

Kevin E. Kruse, who writes books and knows a lot about leading others, thinks businesses should really focus on doing one thing better than anyone else instead of trying to do everything a little bit. 

In simple words, Kevin says to figure out what makes your business special and then do everything you can to be the best at it. For everything else, find good partners. This way, you can be the leader in what you do.

14. Josh Steimle Quote

“Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Josh Steimle, who writes books and starts businesses, gives a simple piece of advice: find out what you’re good at and let other people do the other stuff.  Use your best people and spend your money on making this special thing even better. Make choices that help grow this part of your business.

It’s better to be good at one thing than to try to do a little bit of everything. Focus on your big strength, and let others help with the rest. This makes it tough for anyone to beat you at what you do best.

15. Gyan Nagpal Quote

“Focus on what makes your company great. Partner with others to handle the rest.”

Gyan Nagpal, who knows a lot about business strategy, says companies should pay attention to what they do best. Look for reliable companies that can take care of big tasks like shipping your products, managing your data, or handling your payments.

The main idea is to keep getting better at what makes your company stand out instead of trying to juggle everything. Choosing the right partners can help you run things more smoothly, so you can focus on your strengths. This focused approach is a smart move for staying ahead of the competition.

16. Dmitry Dyatlov Quote

“Focus on the core of your business. Let others take care of the rest.”

Dmitry Dyatlov, a successful tech entrepreneur, believes companies should concentrate on what makes them unique. The key is to see what makes you special, and then relentlessly make it better. Let others handle the rest. This concentrated approach makes you a force in your niche.

17. Gita Gopinath Quote

“Focus on what you’re really good at and get help for everything else.”

Gita Gopinath, who works as the Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), thinks businesses should play to their strengths. Complement your businesses path with some ideas from this outsourcing quotes.

Understand what makes your business special and then work hard on being even better at it. Let other people handle the rest. This approach helps you stand out and be a strong player in your field.

18. Naval Ravikant Quote

“Focus intensely on one thing at a time. Everything else is a distraction.”

Naval Ravikant, who starts companies and invests in them, thinks it’s really important to only pay attention to one big thing at a time. Don’t let other tasks or ideas pull you away. When you try to do too many things, you can’t give your best to any of them.

Focusing hard on just one thing at a time helps you not to get overwhelmed. It’s tough to do because it means you have to ignore other things, but it can lead to big wins for your business.

19. Henry Ford Quote

“If you try to do everything, you will do nothing well.”

Henry Ford, the guy who changed how we use cars, thought businesses should stick to what they do best. For things you don’t need to focus on, like HR or keeping the books, team up with companies that know this stuff inside out.

Henry Ford’s message is pretty clear: know what you’re good at and keep getting better at it. For everything else, find good partners. This way, you’ll be the best at what you do.

20. Peter Thiel Quote

“Do one thing better than anyone. Ignore everything else.”

Peter Thiel, who knows a lot about starting businesses and investing, says companies should focus on doing one thing super well. 

Peter Thiel’s advice is all about finding what makes your business stand out and then doing everything you can to be the best at it. Don’t worry about the rest. This way, with these outsourcing quotes you make your business strong in what it does best.


Outsourcing quotes can help businesses do better if they think it through. It means letting other people handle some of your work so you can focus on what you’re good at. This can save money and let you use top-notch skills from around the world.

Today, business leaders have to make tough decisions about what to do themselves and what to let others do. Every business is different, so by listening to these experienced people, leaders can come up with smart plans for outsourcing.

The main thing is to be clear about what you’re not good at, use the best talents from around the world, talk clearly about what you expect, and keep working well with your partners. With the right approach and attention, businesses can make the most of their strengths and get great help from outside for other tasks. Outsourcing can be a powerful way to improve your business if you use it wisely.

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