Why Nearshoring to Mexico Is Ideal for US Startups Looking to Scale

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 15, 2024
Thinking about scaling your US startup without breaking the bank? Nearshoring to Mexico might be your golden ticket. In this article we'll dive into how nearshoring to Mexico can fuel your startup’s growth.
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Thinking about scaling your US startup without breaking the bank? Nearshoring to Mexico might be your golden ticket. Here’s why:

  • Cost-effective: Save 40-60% on operational expenses.
  • Talented workforce: Access over 200,000 skilled tech professionals.
  • Cultural alignment: Benefit from similar work cultures and time zones.
  • Strategic location: Geographic proximity allows for easier collaboration.
  • Favorable trade agreements: Leverage the USMCA for smoother cross-border business.

By choosing Mexico, startups can significantly lower their costs while tapping into a rich pool of talent and maintaining quality and efficiency. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive into how nearshoring to Mexico can fuel your startup’s growth.

– High Operational Expenses

When startups grow quickly, they spend more money on hiring more people, getting bigger offices, and buying better equipment and software. They also have to pay more for people with special skills. This can make it hard to manage their money and keep growing.

Choosing to nearshore work like developing software or designing to Mexico can save a lot of money, about 40-60% on average. This means startups have more money for other important things.

– Difficulties Acquiring Top Talent

Startups often struggle to find and hire the best people because they’re competing with big companies. It’s especially hard to find people for special jobs.

Mexico has a lot of skilled and smart people ready to work, with over 130,000 engineers graduating every year. Since Mexico and the US share similar cultures, it’s easier to hire and keep good workers.

– Barriers to New Market Expansion

Moving into new areas or industries means understanding new rules and how to appeal to local customers. Startups have to figure out shipping, partnerships, and how to market in these new places.

Nearshoring to Mexico helps because the teams there get the US market and can also help move into Latin America and other places. They know about the culture, speak the language, and understand what businesses need to grow.

Defining Nearshoring and Its Strategic Advantages

Nearshoring means hiring another company in a nearby country to do some of your work. For businesses in the US, Mexico is a great choice for this because it’s close and has a lot in common with the US.

Differentiating Nearshoring from Offshoring and Onshoring

Let’s clear up some terms:

  • Offshoring is when you send work far away to places like India or China to save money. But, this can make things like talking to your team, managing projects, and keeping your ideas safe more difficult.
  • Onshoring means keeping your work in your own country. This avoids problems with working across borders, but it can be more expensive.

Nearshoring is a middle ground. You get to save money and avoid many problems because the other country is close by.

Key Benefits of Nearshoring to Mexico

Choosing Mexico for nearshoring can help US companies in several ways:

  • Cultural alignment. Sharing the same language and work culture makes working together easier. This means you can get things done faster and better.
  • Operational agility. Since Mexico is close, it’s easier to manage how things are made and moved. This lets companies change plans quickly if needed.
  • Access to talent. Mexico has a lot of smart people ready to work, especially in engineering and IT. This means you can find the skills you need.
  • Cost savings. Paying workers in Mexico can be much cheaper than in the US. This helps lower your costs.
  • Reduced risks. Working with Mexico is safer in terms of protecting your ideas and data because Mexico and the US have similar rules and work closely together.

By choosing Mexico, US companies can grow faster, find the skills they need, save money, and avoid many of the risks of sending work to far-off places.

Why Mexico? An Overview of Its Nearshoring Potential

Mexico is becoming a top choice for companies, especially US startups looking to scale, that want to move some of their work closer to home. Here are the main reasons why Mexico is a great place for nearshoring:

Geographic Proximity

Mexico is right next to the United States, sharing a long border. This closeness means:

  • It costs less and takes less time to send things back and forth.
  • Teams can work together easily because they’re in similar time zones.
  • It’s cheaper and quicker to visit if you need to check on things or meet in person.

Favorable Trade Agreements

Mexico has agreements with the US and many other countries that make it easier and cheaper to do business across borders.

Robust Infrastructure

Mexico has good roads, airports, seaports, and internet services. It also has modern places for factories and offices that support all kinds of work, from making things to tech services.

Rich Talent Pool

Mexico has a lot of skilled workers, including over 130,000 engineering grads every year. Big companies have already found great employees in Mexico for IT, finance, customer service, and more.

Government Support

Mexico’s government helps foreign companies set up and grow by making things simpler and offering special deals. This makes starting and running a business there smoother.

In short, Mexico is a smart choice for nearshoring because it’s close, has good trade deals, great infrastructure, a lot of skilled workers, and supportive government policies. These things together make Mexico a good place for US startups to find the help they need to grow.

Top 5 Benefits of Nearshoring to Mexico For Startups

Cost Efficiency

Choosing Mexico can help startups save a lot of money. Here’s how:

  • A software developer in Mexico makes between $25,000 to $45,000 a year, much less than the $95,000 to $115,000 they’d make in the US.
  • Renting office space in Mexico costs about $10 to $20 for each square foot per year, compared to $30 to $100 in the US.
  • Buying equipment and setting up your office is also cheaper in Mexico, usually 20% to 50% less expensive than in the US.

By picking Mexico, startups can use their money more wisely.

Access to Skilled Labor

Mexico has a lot of tech talent, with more than 200,000 software developers. Cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City are full of tech experts good at programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and Python.

This means startups can easily find and hire the tech people they need without spending too much.

Cultural and Time Zone Alignment

Mexico and the US are quite similar in culture, and they work in the same time zones. This makes it easy for teams in both countries to work together without any big problems.

Because of this, projects can move forward smoothly and quickly.

Favorable Trade Agreements

Thanks to the USMCA trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada, startups can easily reach Mexico’s big market. This agreement also protects ideas and allows businesses to move money and services freely between these countries.

This helps startups grow by reaching more customers and making operations smoother.

Geographic Proximity

Mexico is very close to the US, which makes working together easier. Startups can easily visit their teams in Mexico, make decisions together, and develop products quickly.

Being close also means it costs less to send things between the two countries, which is great for startups that make physical products.

In short, saving money, finding talented people, working well together, benefiting from trade deals, and being close by are why Mexico is a great place for US startups wanting to grow.

Best Practices for Nearshoring to Mexico

When you’re thinking about moving some of your startup’s work to Mexico, it’s important to do it right. Here are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

Select an Experienced Nearshore Partner

Finding a good partner in Mexico is key. Look for someone who:

  • Has helped other companies work in Mexico before
  • Is known for doing a good job
  • Understands the rules and laws in Mexico
  • Can connect you with the right people and services

This makes starting and running your operations in Mexico much easier.

Structure a Mexico Subsidiary for Agility

Create a separate company in Mexico with all the needed paperwork. This lets you:

  • Directly hire and pay your Mexican team
  • Own things like equipment and intellectual property in Mexico
  • Handle money and payments locally

Setting up a company in Mexico helps keep things organized and legal.

Onboard Mexican Talent Strategically

To bring Mexican workers onto your team effectively, you should:

  • Be clear about the job and what skills you need
  • Offer pay and benefits that are fair for Mexico
  • Teach them about how you do things and your company culture
  • Keep helping and guiding them to do their best

Putting effort into your Mexican team’s happiness and success pays off.

Implement Effective Governance

Good management helps your US and Mexican teams work well together:

  • Have regular meetings to stay on track and solve any problems
  • Choose a main person in the US to keep an eye on the Mexican team’s work
  • Make clear plans for tasks, what needs to be done, and who approves it
  • Use online tools that let everyone see what’s happening in real-time

By managing things well, you can make sure everyone is working together and making progress.


If you follow these tips, you can make the most of moving some of your work to Mexico. It’s all about finding the right people to work with, setting up your company properly, taking good care of your team, and keeping everything organized. This way, your startup can grow and succeed by using what Mexico has to offer.

Potential Challenges and Mitigation Strategies

While nearshoring to Mexico is a great way to help US startups grow, it’s not without its challenges. Knowing what these challenges are and how to deal with them can make things go a lot smoother.

Communication Gaps

Sometimes, talking to your team in Mexico might be hard because of language differences, cultural misunderstandings, or not being in the same time zone. You can fix this by:

  • Getting someone who speaks both languages to help out
  • Teaching your team about each other’s cultures
  • Making sure there’s time during the day when both teams can talk
  • Using apps like Slack or Asana to keep everyone updated

Talent Retention Difficulties

Keeping your team in Mexico can be tough if other companies offer them more money or better jobs. To keep your team happy, you can:

  • Help them grow in their careers
  • Offer rewards for good work
  • Make sure they feel like part of the team with regular meetings
  • Pay them well and give good benefits

Operational Complexities

Running a team in another country can get complicated, especially with different laws and ways of doing things. To make it easier, you can:

  • Set up a company in Mexico for payroll and rules
  • Use online services that handle HR and legal stuff
  • Get advice from experts in law and accounting
  • Make sure your data is safe with the right security

Lack of Hands-On Control

Not being able to see what’s happening on the ground can make managing your team hard. To stay in control, you can:

  • Have someone in Mexico who makes sure things are running smoothly
  • Visit your team sometimes to get to know them better
  • Use online tools to see what everyone is working on
  • Try to automate tasks to reduce errors

By planning for these challenges and knowing how to handle them, startups can make nearshoring to Mexico work really well. It’s all about preparing ahead and making sure your team feels supported.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Nearshoring to Mexico is a smart move for US startups that want to grow without spending too much. By working with Mexico, startups can enjoy many benefits that help them do more and reach their goals faster.

Here are the main reasons why Mexico is a great choice for nearshoring:

Strategic Location and Connectivity

  • Mexico is right next door to the US, making it easy to work together.
  • Being in similar time zones means teams can talk and solve problems without delay.

Access to Specialized Talent and Skills

  • Mexico has over 200,000 tech experts ready to work.
  • There’s a big pool of people good at things like coding, AI, data science, and online marketing.

Cultural and Operational Alignment

  • Sharing a language and similar ways of doing things makes working together smooth.
  • Mexican workers get how US businesses run and what customers want.

Cost and Resource Optimization

  • Startups can save a lot on hiring and running their operations.
  • There are modern offices and tech setups available without breaking the bank.

Favorable Trade Partnerships

  • Trade agreements like USMCA make doing business across borders easier.
  • There are also tax breaks and simpler rules for companies from outside.

Minimized Risks

  • Mexico has strong rules to keep data safe and protect new ideas, similar to the US.

By planning well and managing things smartly, startups can grow their teams, market better, cut costs, and keep things running smoothly, all while staying flexible.

To sum it up, Mexico’s good location, shared culture, skilled workforce, quality infrastructure, and cost benefits make it the top spot for US startups wanting to speed up their growth.

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