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Perks of Hiring Remote Offshore Talent

Access to Top Talent

We find, interview, hire and fully embed Top LatAm Talent for your company in 15 days or less.

Cultural Fit

We find the right talent for your team, with guaranteed alignment to your company culture and time zone needs.


Long-term contracts are out. We provide Top offshore talent for a monthly fee. You can cancel at any time!

Budget Friendly

Offshore talent costs on average 45% less compared to hiring local talent.


We Specialize in Hiring

Marketing Talent

Get introduced to Top LatAm digital marketers, Seo Specialists, Social Media Managers, email marketing Specialists and More!

Design Talent

Power your visuals and captivate your audience hiring passionate Top Notch Graphic Designers, UX Designer, Web Designers, 3D Artists and more!

Product Talent

Bring your project to life by tapping into a huge pool of seasoned remote project managers, web developers, product managers, and more!

Looking for different talents?

Join the Remote Talent Revolution

Join the Remote Talent Revolution

Join the Remote Talent Revolution

Our offshore talent pool is carefully vetted and meets the following parameters

Excellent Communication

Fluent and effective communication is non-negotiable. That’s how we ensure effective collaboration and engagement.

Culturally Fit

We meticulously select candidates who perfectly align with your company’s vision and culture.

Skillful and experienced

We select individuals with relevant experience for the role-specific needs and those who have a commitment to continuous learning.

High English Proficiency

Rest assured, language barriers become a thing of the past when you choose to partner with us.

Ready To Get Started?

Define Your Needs

Let’s discuss your needs: We’ll have a one-on-one to understand your business and the specific roles you’re looking for.

Meet Top candidates

We’ll send over our best candidates within 15 days or less.

Interview and asses

Choose the profiles that best align with your needs and we’ll set up an interview.

Sit back and relax

Once you decide, we’ll make sure to set everything up for your new hire’s success!

What our clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Latam offshore talent?

Latin American nations are home to exceptionally well-prepared professionals with high English proficiency. Additionally, the region’s cultural affinities and time zone alignment provide distinct advantages, especially attractive for US businesses.

Can I hire hybrid or on-site talent, or is it just remote?

We look for candidates who will work remotely from Latin America (offshore talent), which can significantly reduce your overhead expenses. However, we’ve had some clients who have offered coworking memberships or HQ visits to their hires, but that’s entirely up to you!

How do I pay candidates?

You can leave payment worries to us. We handle all aspects of contracts and payrolls.

What if I want to stop the service?

Another great advantage of our service is the flexibility of our contracts. You can end the service at any time; just give us a heads-up.

Do I have to hire talent directly?

No, you don’t need to worry about it. We handle everything, from legalities and contracts to payroll and talent sourcing. Just sit back, relax, and leave it to us!

Freelance, part-time, or full-time?

While we primarily focus on full-time offshore talent, we can adapt to your specific needs, whether you require freelancers, part-time, or full-time talent.