5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Remote Graphic Designers from Mexico

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 5, 2024
Looking to enhance your team with creative talent without breaking the bank? In this blog we'll explore why hiring remote graphic designers from Mexico could be the smart move your business.
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Looking to enhance your team with creative talent without breaking the bank? Here’s why hiring remote graphic designers from Mexico could be the smart move your business needs:

  • Cost-Effective: Save 50-70% compared to US rates without sacrificing quality.
  • High-Quality Talent: Access a pool of skilled designers familiar with both US and Latin American styles.
  • Cultural Affinity & Time Zone Compatibility: Enjoy smooth collaboration thanks to shared cultural values and minimal time differences.
  • Language Proficiency: Communicate easily with English-speaking designers who also understand the nuances of Spanish.
  • Flexibility & Scalability: Adjust your team size according to your project needs effortlessly.

By prioritizing these factors, your business can achieve better branding and marketing outcomes, making Mexican graphic designers a valuable addition to your remote team.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring remote graphic designers from Mexico is a smart way to save money for your business. You can pay these designers 50-70% less than you would for designers in the US or other wealthy countries. Here’s why Mexican designers are more affordable:

  • They generally ask for lower salaries or hourly rates. A graphic designer in Mexico might earn between $15,000 and $25,000 a year. Even the ones with lots of experience might only charge between $15 and $30 an hour.
  • You don’t have to pay for their office space or buy them equipment since they work from their own homes.
  • Hiring in Mexico can mean you pay less in taxes and deal with fewer hiring rules than in the US.
  • Paying Mexican designers in US dollars can work in your favor because of the exchange rate with the Mexican Peso.

These savings mean you can get the same high-quality graphic design work for a lot less money. This helps your business save money which can be used elsewhere. Remote work also means you don’t lose out on getting things done efficiently.

Mexican designers are skilled in all areas of graphic design, like making logos, branding, marketing materials, digital and print ads, packaging, presentations, and more. Their more affordable rates mean you can get excellent design work without breaking the bank.

2. High-Quality Talent Pool

Mexico is home to a lot of talented graphic designers. Every year, lots of students graduate from top design schools there, adding fresh talent to the mix. For example, in 2021, more than 5,000 students finished their studies in design and arts.

Being so close to the United States, Mexican designers have picked up on both American and Latin American design styles. This is great for companies that want to connect with Hispanic or Latino audiences either in Latin America or the US. Mexican designers really get what these audiences like.

Also, because there are a lot of designers looking for work in Mexico, they really push themselves to be the best. This means they keep learning and staying up to date with new design trends. So, you can find designers with over 5 years of experience who do really good work.

When you hire from Mexico, you get skilled designers who understand different cultures and are always trying to improve. And the best part? You get all this talent for a lot less money than you would pay in the US. It’s a smart choice for any business looking to do better marketing.

3. Cultural Affinity and Time Zone Compatibility

Hiring remote graphic designers from Mexico comes with the bonus of them getting both American and Latin American cultures. This makes teamwork smoother and more effective.

Cultural Affinity

Graphic designers from Mexico naturally get both Latin American and North American cultural vibes. This is super helpful for companies wanting to reach Hispanic and Latino audiences.

  • They catch on to cultural details that make designs and branding hit the mark.
  • Their designs connect well with the people you’re trying to reach because they match cultural values.
  • You can count on their design choices to be spot-on for your audience.

This built-in cultural know-how means less time spent on explaining the background and more on getting designs that feel real.

Time Zone Alignment

Mexico and parts of the United States are in similar time zones. This makes working together much easier.

  • Much of Mexico is just 1-2 hours off from US time zones.
  • Being on similar schedules means you can talk and share ideas without waiting.
  • A small time difference makes working together more straightforward.

Being close and on the same schedule helps everyone be clear, give quick feedback, and work together smoothly. This leads to getting things done faster without confusion.

In short, sharing a culture and time zones makes working with designers from Mexico easier. It helps avoid problems while leading to better results.

4. Language Proficiency

Graphic designers in Mexico often speak English really well, which means talking to them is easy. Here’s why they’re good at English:

English Classes
  • Kids in Mexico start learning English in school when they’re young.
  • In college, some classes are all in English, getting them ready for jobs that need it.
  • Many also go to special schools or get extra help to get better at English.
Media and Entertainment
  • Watching American TV, movies, and YouTube videos is a fun way for them to listen to English.
  • Playing video games online and chatting on social media in English is pretty common.
  • They also use apps and computer programs in English, which helps.
Work Experience
  • Working with clients from other countries means they get to use English in real situations.
  • After working in graphic design for over 5 years, they know the special words used in the field.
  • You can often see their work, talk about projects, and read their client feedback in English.

Being able to talk easily in English means you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings or slowing down to explain things. It keeps everything moving smoothly.

And when it comes to reaching out to Hispanic/Latino audiences, most designers from Mexico also speak Spanish perfectly. This means they’re really good at catching the small, important details in designs and branding that matter to these audiences.

So, you get designers who can talk both English and Spanish really well. This makes working together and coming up with creative ideas a lot easier.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

When you hire remote graphic designers from Mexico, you get a lot more freedom and the ability to adjust as your business grows. Here’s what this means:

Flexible Working Arrangements
  • You can choose to work with designers on a part-time or project basis, which can help save money.
  • Depending on your needs at the moment, you can easily work with more or fewer designers.
  • Trying out a designer with a small project first lets you see if they’re a good match without a big commitment.
Scaling Your Marketing
  • You can start with one or two designers to see how things go or to handle smaller tasks.
  • As your business and marketing needs expand, you can bring on more designers.
  • For larger marketing projects, you can put together a whole team of remote graphic designers.
Adapting to Changes
  • If your business changes direction or if different projects become a priority, it’s simple to change what your designers are working on.
  • You can also pause the work when necessary and easily start again when you’re ready.

Hiring remote graphic designers from Mexico gives you the ability to start small, try things out, and then grow or change your team and projects as needed. It’s a very adaptable and scalable way to work.


Hiring remote graphic designers from Mexico is a smart move for businesses that want good work without spending too much money. They offer a mix of good prices, talented people, understanding of different cultures, speaking English well, and being able to change the team size as needed.

Key Benefits

Working with these designers can give you some big benefits:

  • Cost Savings
    You can pay less, about 50-70% less than what you would in the US, but still get great work.
  • Access to Top Talent You get designers who have been doing this for more than 5 years and are always getting better.
  • Cultural Understanding They know a lot about both Latin American and US cultures and audiences.
  • Language Skills They speak English well, so talking and working together is easy.
  • Flexibility and Scalability You can easily make your team bigger or smaller as your needs change.

Elevate Branding and Marketing

By working with designers from Mexico, you can make your branding and marketing better. They can help with:

  • Making branding, logos, and designs that speak to Hispanic/Latino audiences
  • Creating digital and print marketing materials that really connect with people
  • Making ads and campaigns that stand out
  • Designing packaging and presentations that catch the eye

By choosing designers from Mexico, you get help in making your messages and branding fit better with your audience, in a creative and cost-saving way. This can lead to better results for your business.

In short, businesses everywhere can really benefit from adding Mexican graphic designers to their remote teams. This choice opens up a lot of creative possibilities and helps meet important business goals.

Related Questions

What would be the main 3 factors that would decide to hire a graphic designer?

The main things to think about when you want to hire a graphic designer are:

  • Experience and portfolio: It’s important to see their past work to know if their style and quality match what you’re looking for. Someone with a lot of experience will have plenty of work to show.
  • Pricing and rates: Make sure you know how much they charge and see if it fits your budget.
  • Ability to understand needs: The designer should ask questions to really get what you want. Good talking back and forth is important.

What are the benefits of hiring a graphic designer?

Hiring a graphic designer can help you with:

  • Making your brand look professional and consistent everywhere
  • Making your brand more trustworthy with good designs
  • Bringing new and creative ideas you might not have thought of
  • Saving you time so you can focus on other work
  • A designer knows how to make things that attract the people you want to reach

Why should we hire you for graphic designer?

I’ve been making logos, ads, and other designs for over 5 years that have helped businesses stand out. I’m good at listening, detail-oriented, and I make sure I understand what you need before I start designing. My work shows a wide range of styles that have helped improve brands. I believe I can do the same for your company with my creativity.

Why hire in Latin America?

Hiring in Latin America is a good idea because:

  • There are lots of skilled professionals
  • Many people speak English well
  • The time zones are close to North America
  • You can save money because wages are lower
  • There’s a cultural connection with Hispanic and Latino markets

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