5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Remote Digital Marketers from Mexico

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 5, 2024
Looking to boost your online presence without breaking the bank? Hiring remote digital marketers from Mexico might just be the key. Here's why:
The Mexican flag proudly waves in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral on the Zócalo square in Mexico City, symbolizing the vibrant culture and potential of the local workforce.

Looking to boost your online presence without breaking the bank? Hiring remote digital marketers from Mexico might just be the key. Here’s why:

  • Cost Savings: Enjoy quality work at 30-50% less cost than similar professionals in the US.
  • Specialized Skills: Access a pool of talent versed in SEO, PPC, social media, and more.
  • Cultural Compatibility: Benefit from a workforce that understands North American culture and language.
  • Flexibility: Easily scale your marketing efforts up or down as needed.
  • Proximity: Work in similar time zones for seamless communication.

In short, leveraging Mexico’s digital marketing talent can help your business thrive online, with significant savings and no compromise on quality or efficiency.

1. Proximity and Time Zone Alignment

When you hire remote digital marketers from Mexico, it’s like they’re right next door if you’re in the US or Canada. That’s because Mexico and parts of the US share the same time zones. This means that everyone is working at the same time, making it easy to talk, share ideas, and get things done together without having to stay up late or wait a long time for answers.

For instance, there’s only a 1-hour difference between Mexico City and places like New York. So, if you’re managing your marketing from New York, chatting or having video meetings with your team in Mexico is no hassle at all during the workday.

This close proximity isn’t just about time; it also means that the team in Mexico gets the culture and what people like in North America. This can be a big plus when you’re trying to reach customers here, compared to working with teams from much farther away.

In short, having your digital marketing team in Mexico means you can work together more smoothly because of similar work hours and a shared understanding of the market. It’s easier to team up and get things done efficiently.

2. High-Quality Talent at Competitive Costs

When you hire remote digital marketers from Mexico, you’re getting really skilled people who don’t cost as much. These professionals can do just as good a job as those in the US and Canada but often for 30-50% less money.

This group of talented folks includes experts in:

  • SEO
  • PPC and paid ads
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video and design
  • Email marketing

This means you can put together a top-notch marketing team without spending a ton of money. And you can trust the work will be good.

A lot of remote workers in Mexico went to college and can speak English well. They get how people in North America think and what they like. This makes them really good at helping you connect with customers here.

The money you save lets you do more. You could run more ads, create more content, or try new kinds of digital marketing.

In simple terms, using the talent in Mexico lets you do more marketing without blowing your budget. The skills are there, and the prices make it easier to tackle multiple projects at once.

3. Cultural Compatibility

Hiring a marketing team from Mexico means you’ll work with people who get US and Canada culture pretty well. Here’s why that’s good:

Shared Language

A lot of folks in Mexico can speak English well. This means talking and working together is smooth because you’re both speaking the same language. No confusing translations.

Understanding of North American Culture

Since they’re our neighbors, Mexican marketing pros really get the culture here – like what’s popular, funny, or common references. This helps them make ads or posts that people here will connect with.

Ability to Capture Subtleties

Being so close to the US and Canada, marketers from Mexico are good at picking up on little cultural hints that others might miss. This makes their work feel more spot-on.

Ease of Collaboration

Because they understand the culture well, working together feels easy. You don’t have to spend time explaining cultural stuff. This lets you focus more on the work, like planning strategies or making things.

In short, because they speak English and really understand what life is like here, Mexican marketers fit in easily with US and Canadian companies. You get the expertise without the trouble of dealing with language or cultural gaps.

4. Strong Digital Infrastructure

Mexico has put a lot of work into its digital setup in the last ten years. This means your remote team in Mexico will have really good internet and access to the newest online tools.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Most big cities and places where lots of people live in Mexico have fast internet thanks to fiber optic cables. The internet speed is usually as fast as or faster than what you find in the US.
  • More than 85% of homes in Mexico have internet that’s either always on (broadband) or can be used on phones (mobile).
  • The tech scene in Mexico is buzzing. There are lots of co-working spaces, places for tech folks to meet up, and chances to learn about the latest in digital marketing.
  • Remote workers in Mexico can easily use online tools for video calls, sharing projects in the cloud, chatting in real time, and more, thanks to the country’s solid internet and tech.

In simple terms, Mexico has the internet speed, tech tools, and setup needed for remote work to go smoothly. Your marketing team will have the fast internet and modern tools they need to do great work. Plus, there’s always something new to learn because of Mexico’s focus on tech.

This good setup means remote workers can do their best work. And you can lead the team well, even from far away. With Mexico’s investment in digital, you can have a top-notch marketing team across borders.

5. Stability and Lower Attrition Rates

When you choose to work with a remote marketing team from Mexico, you’re likely to see a team that sticks around longer and changes less often. Here’s why that’s the case:

Solid Team of Experts

Mexico has really focused on building a strong tech and remote work environment. This means there are a lot of experienced marketing professionals who are used to working remotely. These folks tend not to switch jobs too much.

Good Reasons to Stay

For many marketers in Mexico, working for companies in the US or Canada is a big deal. They get better pay and more interesting projects than they might locally. This makes them want to stay with a job longer.

Balanced Life

Remote work lets people manage their time for family or personal projects better. This can make them happier with their jobs and more likely to stay. It’s all about having a good balance between work and personal life.

Growing Careers

Marketers who work with companies from the US or Canada have chances to learn more and move up in their careers. This opportunity for growth encourages them to stick with a job.

In short, hiring a remote team in Mexico means you’ll have a group that’s more stable and sticks around longer. This is because the job setup encourages them to stay committed, enjoy a good work-life balance, and grow in their careers. This means less worry about changing your team often and more focus on long-term marketing plans.


Hiring remote digital marketers from Mexico is a smart choice for businesses that want to do better online without spending too much. Here’s a quick look at the main benefits:

Cost Savings
  • You pay less for remote workers in Mexico, about 30-50% cheaper than in the US or Canada
  • This means you can do more marketing stuff with your budget
Specialized Skills
  • You get people who are really good at things like SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and more
  • You can put together a team that fits exactly what your business needs
Cultural Compatibility
  • Marketers from Mexico get the culture in North America
  • They speak the same language, making working together easy
  • The stuff they make and write will click with your audience
  • It’s easy to change your team size based on what you need
  • Adding different experts like designers or writers is simple
  • Being in similar time zones makes talking and planning together easy
  • You won’t have to deal with meetings at odd hours

In short, using digital marketers from Mexico can really help your business do better online. They have the right skills and understand your audience, all while being more affordable. It’s a smart way to get more out of your marketing.

Related Questions

Why hire from Mexico?

Hiring from Mexico is a smart move for businesses in the US and Canada. Here’s why:

  • Cost savings: People in Mexico usually want less money for the same work, helping you save around 30-50%.
  • Nearshore location: Mexico is close by, and we share time zones, making it easier to work together.
  • Highly skilled talent: Every year, Mexico graduates over 130,000 people with engineering degrees. Many of them speak English well and know a lot about digital stuff.
  • Cultural compatibility: They speak English and know a lot about US culture because of the movies and TV shows they watch. This makes them great at marketing to Americans.

To sum it up, Mexico has a lot of smart, English-speaking people who don’t cost a lot. It’s a good place to find people to help with your marketing without spending too much.

Why a US company should consider hiring offshore talent from Mexico?

Here’s why US companies should think about hiring people from Mexico:

  • Cost savings – You can save a lot because people in Mexico don’t ask for as much money.
  • Young, skilled workforce – A big part of Mexico’s population is young and knows a lot about technology. Many of them also speak English.
  • Cultural alignment – They know a lot about American culture because they watch the same movies and shows. This helps them understand what Americans like.
  • Geographic proximity – Mexico is close, so it’s easy to work together even though you’re not in the same place.
  • Specialized capabilities – You can find people who are really good at things like making apps, marketing online, designing, and more.

In short, Mexico has a lot of young, talented people who know English and don’t cost a lot. Hiring from there can help US companies save money and be more flexible.

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