5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Remote Software Developers from Brazil

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 5, 2024
Thinking of expanding your software development team? Hiring remote software developers from Brazil could be the smart move you're looking for. In this article we'll explore why
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Thinking of expanding your software development team? Hiring remote software developers from Brazil could be the smart move you’re looking for. Here’s why:

  • Time Zone Compatibility: Minimal time difference with the US East Coast, enabling real-time collaboration.
  • Highly Skilled Talent Pool: Access to a vast number of tech graduates and globally recognized programming skills.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Significant savings on salaries without compromising on quality.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Fit: Similar work ethics and strong English proficiency make for smooth communication.
  • Robust IT Infrastructure: Brazil’s tech parks and supportive policies foster a strong environment for remote software development.

In short, hiring from Brazil offers you a unique combination of talent, cost savings, and seamless collaboration perfect for your next project.

Facilitates Real-Time Collaboration

With cities like New York and São Paulo only having a 1 hour time difference, Brazilian developers can easily join in on calls, meetings, and other team activities without delay. This means teams can talk things through and make decisions quickly.

Having similar working hours lets teams sort out any quick questions or issues right away through chat or video calls. This is way better than working with teams who are 10+ hours away, where waiting for replies can slow things down.

Aligns with Agile Processes

Agile software development needs team members to work closely together to build and improve things step by step. The small time difference with Brazil makes it easy to include Brazilian developers in daily check-ins, reviews, and planning sessions.

Instead of waiting a long time for feedback, Brazilian team members can join in these discussions at the same time as everyone else. This helps get things done faster and keeps improving the work.

Allows Leadership Oversight

Managers and leaders also find it easier with the time difference. They don’t have to stay up late for calls; they can check in with their Brazilian development team during their normal work hours.

This makes it easier for US-based leaders to keep an eye on how things are going and make sure projects are on the right track. If there’s a need to change plans, they can quickly get the message out to everyone.

Enables Emergency Response

Having just a 1 hour gap also means that if something urgent comes up, the Brazilian team can jump in and help out right away, just like the US-based team.

Being able to tackle emergencies together immediately can make a big difference, rather than waiting hours for a response. This close time zone is a big plus for handling urgent issues.

In short, being in similar time zones makes talking, working together, following agile methods, keeping an eye on progress, and dealing with emergencies much smoother when hiring Brazilian developers compared to teams that are far away.

Highly Skilled Talent Pool

Brazil is really good at teaching science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), which means it has lots of talented software developers.

Brazil Ranks High Globally for Tech Skills
  • Brazil is 38th in the world on HackerRank for developer skills.
  • On TopCoder, Brazil is 16th worldwide.
  • According to the 2022 GitHub Octoverse Report, Brazil added over 3 million new users, making it the 3rd fastest-growing country on GitHub.

These facts show that Brazil is a key player globally when it comes to tech talent.

High Number of Tech Graduates
  • Every year, Brazil’s universities produce over 500,000 software engineering grads.
  • Nearly 237,000 IT students finish their studies annually too.
  • Well-known schools like the University of Sao Paulo and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro are famous for teaching software development and computer science really well.

This means Brazil has a steady flow of new, skilled developers each year.

Programming Language and Technology Proficiency

Brazilian developers know a lot about different programming languages and tech tools:

  • Main languages: JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, PHP
  • Frontend: React, Angular, Vue.js
  • Backend: Node.js, .NET Core, Laravel, Django
  • Mobile: React Native, Flutter, Kotlin
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

No matter the project, whether it’s for web, mobile, cloud, or AI, Brazilian developers have the skills and experience needed.

With its strong focus on STEM education and ongoing investments in tech, Brazil offers businesses a rich source of skilled developers for their software projects.


Hiring remote software developers from Brazil can save companies a lot of money, and you still get great work. Let’s look at why it’s cheaper and still good:

Lower Salaries Compared to the US

In Brazil, a software developer makes about 61,658 USD a year, based on Glassdoor data.

But in the US, they make about 120,168 USD a year, almost twice as much.

This means companies can save 50% or more on salaries by hiring from Brazil instead of locally.

Competitive Rates Across Experience Levels

No matter if they’re just starting out or have lots of experience, developers in Brazil have good rates:

  • Junior developers: 20,460 USD
  • Mid-level developers: 39,960 USD
  • Senior developers: 91,320 USD

This means you can put together a whole team in Brazil and still save money.

Additional Savings on Infrastructure

Hiring remotely also means you save on office space and equipment since developers use their own. This adds to the savings.

High Value for Money

The best part is, Brazilian developers do as good a job as those in the US or Europe, even though they cost less.

They’re well-trained and speak English well, so work gets done well and efficiently. You’re not giving up quality for cost.

So, hiring remote developers from Brazil is a smart choice. You get everything you need for about half the price.

Cultural and Linguistic Alignment

Brazil and the United States have a lot in common when it comes to how we work and do business. This makes it easier for Brazilian developers to work well with American companies.

Shared Work Ethic and Values

Brazilian developers are known for being reliable, focusing on quality, and meeting deadlines, much like their counterparts in the US. They believe in being on time, doing their best work, and being responsible. These are values that American businesses also hold in high regard.

Brazilian workers are also big on creativity, efficiency, and leading new projects. This matches the go-getter attitude that US companies look for.

Compatible Business Practices

The way businesses run in Brazil isn’t too different from the US. Leaders make the big decisions, and everyone is used to working in teams, giving quick updates, and making changes as needed. This means Brazilian developers are already familiar with the work style of many American companies.

Strong English Language Skills

A lot of developers in Brazil speak English well because they start learning it when they’re young. This is especially true for those who work with international teams. Universities in Brazil also stress the importance of English for tech jobs. So, when it comes to talking and working with American teams, language usually isn’t a barrier.

In short, Brazilian developers fit in well with American teams because of shared values, similar ways of working, and good English skills.

Robust IT Infrastructure and Supportive Policies

Brazil has put a lot of effort and money into building a strong tech setup and creating rules that help tech businesses grow. This makes Brazil a great place to look for remote software developers.

Advanced Technology Parks and Accelerators

Brazil has more than 90 tech parks and places that help businesses grow fast. Some important ones include:

  • Campinas TechTown – Often called the “Brazilian Silicon Valley”, it hosts big tech companies like IBM and HP, plus over 1,000 IT companies
  • São Paulo Tech Park – Found in the University of São Paulo campus, with more than 300 companies focusing on research and new ideas
  • Porto Digital Tech Park – A key place for software development in Recife with over 300 companies
  • Anprotec Science and Technology Parks – A group that includes nearly 300 places focused on innovation across Brazil

These spots offer great facilities for tech companies and encourage a culture of new ideas. They have research centers, universities, places for new businesses to grow, and lots of software companies, attracting businesses from all over.

Government Support Through Tax Incentives

The Brazilian government gives tech companies special deals to help them spend more on research and development. This includes:

  • Tax breaks of up to 34% for spending on new ideas
  • Lower tax rates of up to 15% on money made from selling new tech ideas
  • Faster write-offs for equipment
  • No taxes on some tech products

These rules make Brazil a friendly place for tech innovation and help the developer community grow.

Access to Advanced Technology Education

Every year, Brazil produces over 500,000 graduates in software engineering from its 120+ tech schools and universities. Top computer science programs are at places like the University of São Paulo and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The government’s push for STEM education and programs like Science Without Borders keep supplying a stream of skilled developers. This means businesses can always find well-trained developers.

With top-notch facilities, friendly laws, and great tech education, Brazil has everything needed for software development to flourish. The strong IT setup and supportive policies make it easy for companies from other countries to work with Brazil’s talented remote developers.


Choosing Brazil for hiring remote software developers brings a lot of good points to the table. Here’s a quick wrap-up of why it’s a smart move:

Time Zone Compatibility
  • Brazil is just 1 hour ahead of the US East Coast. This means teams can easily work together without the hassle of big time differences.
Highly Skilled Talent Pool
  • Brazil has a huge number of tech graduates every year, showing they’re serious about tech education.
  • It’s also ranked pretty high globally for its tech skills.
  • Developers there know their stuff, from coding languages to the latest tech trends.
  • You can save about half on salaries compared to hiring in the US.
  • This saving applies across the board, from less experienced to top-level developers.
  • Plus, working remotely means saving on office space and equipment.
  • You get great quality work without spending a fortune.
Cultural and Linguistic Fit
  • Brazilians share similar work values with Americans, like being on time and focusing on quality.
  • They’re used to working in teams and are good at speaking English, making communication easy.
Robust IT Infrastructure
  • Brazil has over 90 tech parks and lots of support for tech companies, including tax breaks.
  • The country keeps producing lots of tech grads, thanks to its focus on STEM education.

In short, hiring from Brazil means you can work closely with your team, find lots of talented people, save money, easily communicate, and rely on Brazil’s strong tech scene. It’s a great choice for finding remote software teams that offer good value.

Related Questions

Is Brazil good for software engineer?

Yes, Brazil is a top spot to find software engineers. Even though hiring might seem a bit tricky at first, Brazil has a huge number of skilled developers. This is great news for US companies looking to grow their development teams.

With over 500,000 IT experts and 23,000 fresh IT graduates every year, Brazil is packed with qualified engineers. These developers are up-to-date with the latest tech like JavaScript, Python, Java, and .NET.

Plus, the minor time difference makes it easy for teams in the US and Brazil to work together smoothly.

So, if you’re thinking about setting up an offshore development team, definitely consider Brazil.

How many developers are there in Brazil?

Brazil boasts over 500,000 software developers and IT pros. On top of that, its universities send out over 23,000 new IT grads into the job market every year.

This rapidly growing talent pool is skilled in everything from front-end and back-end development to mobile, cloud, and more. Whether you need a few developers or a large team, Brazil has the talent you’re looking for.

Why should I hire a software developer?

Hiring software developers is a smart move because:

  • They can create custom software just for your business
  • They help get new features and fixes done quickly
  • They bring fresh ideas and know-how
  • Custom software can set you apart from competitors
  • You can change the software as your business evolves
  • Having your own team means a better grip on important systems

In short, having developers on your team means you get things done your way, fast, with innovation, and flexibility.

What to look for when hiring a software development company?

Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

Experience – Look at their previous work, especially in your field. Read what other clients have said about them.

Technical Skills – Make sure they’re good at the tech languages and tools you need.

Communication – Check if they’re quick to respond and easy to talk to. Clear communication is crucial.

Reliability – Find out if they deliver on time and do a good job. You want a team you can count on.

Cultural Fit – It’s important that you work well together, so make sure you’re on the same page.

Cost – Look at the price, but remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

Picking the right software development company means checking their experience, skills, how they communicate, if they’re reliable, if you get along, and how much they charge.

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