The Long-Term Benefits of Strategic Project Manager Recruitment

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 15, 2024
Strategic project manager recruitment aligns with long-term goals, ensuring that each project contributes to continuous growth and competitive advantage.
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Strategic project manager recruitment offers long-term benefits that can significantly impact a company’s success. This not only secures a competitive advantage but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and strategic alignment.

Lack of Alignment with Goals

A survey by KPMG revealed that only 31% of projects are really in tune with the company’s strategy. Adding to this, a study by the Project Management Institute pointed out that for every $1 billion spent, $97 million goes to waste because of projects not performing well or not fitting the strategy. When projects don’t line up with what the business wants, it directly hits the finances and stops the business from growing as it could.

Unclear Purpose and Priorities

When the strategy isn’t clear, resources end up being used on different things that don’t help the business move forward. This means people might be working hard, but not in a way that’s effective, leading to them feeling less connected to their work. 

A study by Bain & Company found that not knowing the goals and what’s important is a big reason for wasted time at work. Having strategic project managers is crucial because they can take the big plan and break it down into clear steps for teams to follow.

The Role of Strategic Project Managers

A person brainstorming project strategies, a key phase in project manager recruitment.

Strategic project managers are crucial for making sure projects help achieve the big goals of a company. Let’s look at what makes them so important:

Adopting a Big-Picture Mindset

Instead of just focusing on getting the project done, these managers think about how their work fits into the company’s bigger plans. They look at how projects can have a lasting positive effect, not just meet short-term goals.

Strong Communication Skills

They are good at talking to all kinds of people in the company to get everyone on board with the project. They can take complicated plans and explain them in a way that’s easy for teams to understand and follow.

Business Acumen

They know a lot about the business world, which helps them choose projects that will help the company grow. They know how to talk about business goals in a way that makes sense to company leaders.

Collaboration and Influence

These managers are great at working with people from all parts of the company. They don’t just boss people around; they get everyone to work together and agree on things.

Comfort with Ambiguity

Things in business can change a lot. Strategic project managers are good at changing their plans to fit new company goals. They can handle uncertainty well.

Talent Development

They help everyone in the company get better at managing projects. They teach teams how to make sure their work helps achieve the company’s big plans and introduce good project management practices into the workplace.

With these skills, strategic project managers make sure projects help the company achieve its big goals. Their leadership is key to turning big plans into successful projects.

Key Benefits of Strategic Project Manager Recruitment

A planner with project details, embodying the strategic planning in project manager recruitment.

1. Alignment with Organizational Goals

Strategic project managers make sure every project helps the company reach its big goals. They focus on the long-term vision, making sure we only work on projects that move us forward. 

This way, we don’t waste time or resources on things that don’t help us grow. Keeping an eye on the big picture helps everyone understand what’s important and sparks new ideas that can make the company better.

2. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

These project managers are great at talking to everyone in the company, from the top down. They help teams understand why their work matters and get everyone on the same page. This makes it easier for different parts of the company to work together, leading to better decisions and a stronger sense of being in it together.

3. Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

When projects are in line with the company’s main goals, we use our resources better. This means we don’t spend time or money on things that don’t matter as much. By focusing on what’s important, we can do more with what we have, saving money and getting more done.

4. Better Risk Management

Strategic project managers are always looking ahead to spot problems before they happen. They think about what could go wrong and how to avoid it, which keeps projects running smoothly. If something unexpected does happen, they’re ready to handle it quickly. This helps keep projects on track and within budget.

5. Improved Project Outcomes

With all these pieces in place – alignment, teamwork, efficiency, and good risk management – projects are more likely to succeed. Strategic project managers help deliver projects that are done on time, stay within budget, and achieve what they are supposed to. Over time, this builds trust in the team and leads to better results for the company.

Challenges in Project Manager Recruitment

Professionals discussing project presentations, an aspect of project manager recruitment.

Finding the right strategic project managers can be tough. Here are some common hurdles companies face:

Narrow Talent Pool

It’s hard to find people who are good at both the technical side of project management and understanding business strategy. This means there are only a few suitable candidates out there, and they’re often snapped up quickly.

Leadership Soft Skills

Skills like being able to work well with others, understanding their feelings, and guiding teams are crucial but hard to teach. Spotting these traits in candidates isn’t easy.

Cultural Fit

It’s tricky to find project managers who can fit into a company’s way of doing things. Even if someone looks perfect on paper, they might not work well with the existing team or company culture.

Global Demand

As more companies around the world want strategic project managers, the competition to hire them gets tougher. This makes it harder to find great candidates locally.

Resource Constraints

Not many companies have recruiters who specialize in finding strategic project managers. Often, the job falls to HR teams that might not have the right knowledge or resources to find the best people for these roles. This can be harder, especially if there’s not much money or many people available to help.

Unclear Needs

Sometimes, companies aren’t sure exactly what they need in a strategic project manager. If they’re not clear about what skills and qualities are important, finding the right person can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Despite these challenges, with a smart approach to hiring that focuses on what’s needed, reaching out widely, looking for a good leadership match, and using networks to find candidates, companies can find the strategic project managers they need.

Strategic Project Manager Recruitment Solutions

Close-up of a calendar, a tool for scheduling in project manager recruitment processes.

Finding and keeping strategic project managers means having a smart plan for hiring. Here’s what companies can do:

Clearly Define the Role

List out what the job involves, like managing big projects and helping meet long-term company goals. Remember to point out important soft skills such as how to communicate well, work with others, and handle changes.

Highlight Your Strategic Culture

Talk about how your company plans for the long run and share stories of successful big projects.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Make sure the pay matches what other companies offer for similar jobs. Think about bonuses for reaching big goals.

Create a Development Path

Give training on how to think about business and lead, and try to let them lead smaller projects to gain experience.

By focusing on how to bring in strategic project managers, companies can face hiring challenges head-on and get the right people to help them succeed. This effort to find and keep these key leaders is worth it because of the big impact they have on the company’s direction and success.


Project manager recruitment for strategic roles is key for businesses that aim for long-term success. The effort and resources put into finding these skilled individuals pay off big time.

Businesses that get projects right, matching them with their big goals, move ahead faster than those that don’t. This focus on doing projects that matter helps them work smarter, save money, and jump on new opportunities. It’s a way of working that’s tough for others to copy.

Having project managers who think about the big picture means your business keeps getting better at tackling important tasks. It’s about making sure your team is always ready to adapt and improve, keeping you ahead as things change.

In the end, focusing on hiring the best project managers sets your company up for ongoing success. It’s a smart move that keeps paying off.

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