Hire a Project Manager And Elevate Your Progress

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 12, 2024
Empower your team and streamline project success by hiring a project manager, ensuring meticulous planning, timely execution, and staying on budget for optimal outcomes.
Top-down view of three professionals collaborating over architectural plans at a meeting table with laptops, calculators, and construction plans spread out. They probably want to hire a project manager for boosting their productivity.

There’s a quick review of what to see if you want to hire a project manager to transform your projects from chaotic to successful by ensuring everything is well-planned, executed on time, and within budget.

Core Project Manager Responsibilities

A project manager’s job is mainly about making a plan for the project, including what needs to be done, how much it will cost, who will do it, and when it should be finished.

They also are responsible for keeping an eye on the budget to make sure the project doesn’t spend too much money and making sure the project is finished on time, doesn’t go over budget, and meets the expected quality.

A project manager makes sure everything needed for a project to succeed happens. They plan, do the work, keep an eye on things, fix problems, and wrap up the project.

Difference Between Project and Program Managers

Project managers and program managers do similar things but at different levels:

  • Project managers focus on one project at a time. They deal with details like how much it will cost, who will work on it, and when it needs to be done.
  • Program managers look after several projects that all add up to a big goal. They make sure all these projects fit together well and achieve what they’re supposed to on a bigger scale.

Both need to be good leaders and communicators, organized, and able to solve problems. However, program managers think about how all the projects work together, while project managers concentrate on getting one project done right.

The Perils of Operating Without a PM

A woman with red hair writing on a whiteboard.

Not having a project manager (PM) can slow down a company when it’s trying to get big things done. Without someone in charge to guide how a project is planned and carried out, teams can get pretty mixed up.

Inefficiency and Lost Productivity

Without a PM to set priorities and explain who does what, teams might end up doing the same work twice. For example, one group of engineers might build something that another group has already made, and the marketing team might start advertising products that aren’t ready yet.

Projects can stall because there’s no one making sure that everyone is moving forward together. Developers might be waiting on designs that should have been ready long ago, and the sales team can’t sell products that aren’t finished.

Poor Resource Utilization

Without a PM watching the budget, spending can go way over what was planned. If teams buy software or services without talking to each other, the company might end up paying for the same thing multiple times.

Hire a Project Manager and Boost Your Bottom Line

Hands analyzing data on a laptop screen with documents after a company decided to hire a project manager.

Saving Money While Improving Quality

Getting a good project manager can save your business a lot of money. They plan everything carefully from the start, so you know exactly how much you need to spend. This planning helps avoid surprises that cost extra money later. Project managers keep an eye on spending and make sure no one’s work overlaps, which also saves cash.

They also make sure the work done is top-notch. By getting everyone to work together smoothly and sticking to the plan, project managers ensure projects are finished well, on time, and within the set budget. This means you get better results without overspending.

Stronger Team Execution

Deciding to hire a project manager also makes your team do their jobs better. They make sure everyone knows what they’re working towards and help balance the workload. Project managers keep things moving by solving problems that could slow down work and making sure everyone’s working together properly.

They handle all the organizing stuff, like planning and keeping track of spending, so everyone else can focus on what they’re best at. This way, engineers can focus on building things, designers can focus on designing, and bosses can focus on big decisions. With a project manager, your team can do more high-quality work faster.

When to Pull the Trigger on Hiring

A smiling woman giving a presentation. She is talking about how to hire a project manager.

Figuring out the right time to hire a project manager is a big deal. You have to look at what your business is like right now and where you want it to go. Here are some clear signs that it might be time to bring someone on board:

Your Team Has Grown Beyond 10-15 People

When your team gets bigger, around 10-15 people, it’s harder to keep everyone on the same page without someone leading the charge. A project manager can help make things run smoother, keep the team working well together, and make sure everyone’s efforts are helping the business.

Multiple Big Initiatives Are Happening Simultaneously

If your company is juggling a lot of big projects at the same time, like launching a new product while kicking off a big marketing push, it can be tough for your team to keep up. A good project manager can help manage all these moving parts.

Deadlines Are Frequently Missed

If it feels like your team can’t seem to meet deadlines, a project manager could help. They’re good at planning, scheduling, and making sure everyone has a manageable workload.

Spending & Resources Aren’t Well-Tracked

If you’re not keeping a close eye on your budget and resources, it can slow things down. A project manager can set up ways to keep track of money and resources, making sure everything’s used the best way possible.

How to Find and Hire a Project Manager

Two colleagues discussing over a whiteboard with charts and graphs if it is convenient to hire a project manager.

Crafting a Strong Job Description

When you’re writing the job ad for a project manager, make sure you talk about the specific skills and experience they need for your projects. You should include what the project manager will be doing and of course, all the kinds of projects they’ll manage (like building websites, making buildings, or planning marketing stuff).

Being clear and specific helps you attract people who are a good fit for what you need, not just anyone.

The Interview and Selection Process

Using different ways to check out candidates helps you pick someone good at what they do. You might want to use online tests to see how well they know their stuff and how they handle different situations. This makes it easier to find someone just right for the job.

Taking the time to dig into who you’re hiring is important. It helps you find a project manager who can help your team do better. Picking the right person means you won’t waste time and money on someone who can’t help your business grow.

Setting Up for Success

After deciding to hire a project manager, giving them good software is key to making sure projects go smoothly. A tool like Teamwork helps a lot. It lets PMs organize tasks, see schedules on charts, keep an eye on money, track how long tasks take, and make reports on how the project is doing.

Having someone to manage projects is key for getting important work done right and on time. Project managers plan everything carefully, get the resources needed, keep the team motivated, watch over the project, and deal with any issues. They make sure everyone knows what’s happening and work together well. This helps the company succeed by finishing big projects that are important for growth.

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