How to Enhance The Tech Skills of a Virtual Assistant

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 11, 2024
Upgrade your virtual assistant capabilities with key tech skills, from email efficiency to design flair, and stay indispensable in a digital-first market.
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This article will walk you through each step to enhance the tech skills of a virtual assistant, from identifying where you need improvement and setting and achieving learning goals to applying these new skills in your role as a VA. 

Whether it’s mastering Excel, getting creative with Canva, or diving into web development, upgrading your tech skills is key to tackling more complex tasks, impressing clients, and boosting your career.

Essential Tech Skills of a Virtual Assistant

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Being a virtual assistant (VA) means you need to be good with computers and online tools. Here’s a list of the super important tech skills:

Communication Tools

Knowing how to use email (like Gmail or Outlook), chat apps (like Slack or Teams), video calls (Zoom or Skype), and keeping track of projects (with tools like Asana or Trello).

It’s important to be able to talk and share information easily with the people you work with using these online tools.

Data Management

Using spreadsheets (like Excel or Google Sheets) while at the same time keeping files in order (using Dropbox or Google Drive).

You need to be good at organizing information and making sure it’s safe and easy to find.

Research Skills

Sometimes you’ll need to look things up and make sure the info is right. This helps with lots of different tasks.

Social Media Platforms

Understanding social media is key (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), you’ll have to make and schedule posts. Social media is a big part of marketing. Knowing how to use it well can help your clients.

Basic Graphic Design

Simple photo editing skills include making things look good (like presentations or social media posts) while using design tools (Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud). You don’t need to be a pro designer, but being able to make simple graphics is useful.

Getting better at these tech skills of a virtual assistant will make you extremely helpful. Since technology keeps changing, it’s also important to keep learning new things. This way, you can always do a great job and be a key helper to your clients.

Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing Tech Skills

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Step 1: Identify Skill Gaps

First, figure out which tech skills you need to work on. List the tools you use, like email (Gmail, Outlook), apps for organizing work (Asana, Trello), chat apps (Slack, Teams), and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Rate how good you are at each from 1 (beginner) to 5 (expert). Be honest about where you need to improve.

Ask people you work with what they think you could do better. They might notice things you don’t.

Keep an eye out for new tools that could help you do your job better.

Step 2: Set Learning Goals

Now, decide exactly what you want to get better at. Make clear goals like:

  • “Learn to use Excel better for reports.”
  • “Get better at using Canva to make website graphics within two weeks.”

Break big goals into smaller steps. Keep track of your progress. Focus on one skill at a time and decide how you’ll know you’ve achieved your goal.

Step 3: Embrace Continuous Learning

Tech changes fast, so keep learning. Set time aside every week to learn through courses, videos, or articles related to improving the skills of a virtual assistant. 

Try out what you learn on real projects. This helps you remember better. Help out friends or coworkers to practice.

Join groups of other VAs to share tips and get support.

Step 4: Apply Skills in Real-World Scenarios

Use your new skills in tougher tasks from clients. Start with things just a bit harder than what you’re used to. Make sure to double-check your work.

Keep examples of your work to show what you can do.

Step 5: Showcase Your Enhanced Skills

When you’ve learned new skills, tell people! Update your LinkedIn and other profiles. Be ready to talk about what you’ve learned and done in interviews.

Keep setting new goals to get even better. Staying up-to-date is key to being a great VA.

Leveraging Technology for Growth the Skills of a Virtual Assistant

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Becoming a pro at the skills of a virtual assistant can help you move forward in your career. By getting better at certain skills, you can handle more complicated jobs in areas like digital marketing and understanding website performance. This means you can do more for your clients and potentially earn more.

Here are some important tech skills that can help you grow:

Marketing Automation

Get to know platforms like HubSpot or MailChimp. They let you set up automatic emails, social media posts, and web pages without having to do everything by hand.

Analytics and Reporting

Learning Google Analytics lets you see how many people visit a website and what they do there. You can then make reports that are easy to understand.

Graphic Design and Content Creation

Create eye-catching social media posts, ads, and more with Canva. If you want to go further, try learning Photoshop or Illustrator for more detailed designs.}

Keeping up with the fast changes in digital marketing means always learning new things. By improving your skills, you open the door to better job opportunities and the chance to make more money. Instead of sticking to what you know, learning new, in-demand skills can help you move up.


If you want to keep up the skills of a virtual assistant in today’s world, it’s super important to try getting better at learning new stuff. This can help you do more complicated jobs like working with email list building on MailChimp, making designs on Canva, scheduling posts on social media, and even learning about web development. Mastering these aspects can lead to better jobs and more money over time.

Learning new tech stuff should be an ongoing thing, not just once in a while. Try to learn something new every week. Pay attention to new tools that come out and keep adding to what you know.

Most importantly, use your new skills to help businesses do well online. As marketing changes quickly, virtual assistants who keep learning will always have a place in the job market.

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