Can You Afford a VA? Understanding the Rates for Virtual Assistants

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 12, 2024
Understanding the affordability of virtual assistants is simpler than you think. Learn about VA rates and smart budgeting for your business needs.
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Thinking about rates for virtual assistants to boost your productivity and save money? Here’s a quick guide to understanding VA rates and how to make the best choice for your business needs.

The Bottom Line

VAs are becoming a must-have for businesses that want to be more productive and profitable. They offer flexible, skilled support that’s valuable right now. Plus, they’re affordable for companies of any size, making it easier to grow without a huge expense.

As working from home becomes more common, virtual assistants will become even more popular. They’re changing the way teams work together.

Common Misconceptions About Rates for Virtual Assistants

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Many people think that only big companies with lots of money can afford to hire a virtual assistant (VA). But, VAs can be helpful for small businesses and people working by themselves too. Let’s talk about some common wrong ideas about VA costs and why they’re not always true:

Myth #1: I Can’t Afford a VA

Some business owners think hiring a VA is too expensive. But if you look at how much time and money they can save you, it’s a good deal. For example, if you pay a VA $25 an hour to do tasks that free up your time to make $100 an hour, you’re ahead by $75 an hour.

Also, VAs usually work on a contract basis without needing extra benefits. This means you don’t have to pay for things like health insurance or vacation days. The real cost is much lower than hiring someone full-time locally. With a good VA, you can make more money than you spend.

Myth #2: VAs Only Help Large Companies

Lots of small business owners and people working alone think VAs are just for big companies. But having a VA can be super helpful for small businesses too. Tasks like managing your calendar, handling emails, and entering data are important but take up a lot of time.

Giving these jobs to a VA can let you focus on the bigger picture of growing your business. It’s like having an executive assistant but without a big salary. Some VAs even offer special rates for small businesses and startups.

Myth #3: The Quality Won’t Match My Standards

Some people worry that if they pay less for a VA, the work won’t be as good. But with some websites, it’s easy to find skilled VAs at good prices. You can see their profiles, what they’ve done before, and reviews from other clients.

The best VAs work hard on their skills and reputation. They often do work that’s just as good, if not better, than what someone local would do. Just make sure to talk clearly about what you need to make sure you find the right fit. But you can find quality work from VAs around the world.

The Bottom Line

Even though some people think VAs are only for big companies, small businesses and people working alone can benefit from hiring a VA. By picking the right VA and talking clearly about what you need, you can get great work done. And the money you spend on a VA can help you make even more money and grow your business.

Key Factors Influencing Rates for Virtual Assistants

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Several things affect how much virtual assistants (VAs) charge:

Experience Level

New VAs usually ask for $15-$25 per hour. They can do simple tasks like keeping track of your schedule and entering data. VAs with 3-5 years of experience might want $25-$35 per hour. They know how to handle things like managing emails, taking care of social media, and helping with projects.

Less experienced VAs can still be a great help, especially if your needs are straightforward.

Type of Service

Basic rates for virtual assistants who do things like scheduling and email sorting, usually charge $15-$30 per hour. VAs with special skills in areas like bookkeeping, design, website building, or marketing take on harder tasks and tend to charge $40-$75 per hour.

The kind of work you need done affects how much you’ll pay. Harder tasks need more expertise and time, so they cost more.


If you need something done fast, you might have to pay a bit more, like 5-15% above the usual rate. Planning your tasks can help avoid these extra charges. But, paying more might be worth it if you need quick results. Just make sure to include these costs in your budget.


Where a person lives plays a big part in rates for virtual assistants. VAs from places like Latin America or Southeast Asia can offer good work at lower prices compared to those in the US. This is because the cost of living is different in each place.

So, a VA’s location affects how much they charge. Hiring from different parts of the world can save money compared to hiring locally.

Calculating Your Virtual Assistant Budget

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Hiring a virtual assistant can be a smart move, but you need to plan your budget carefully. Here’s how to do it in simple steps:

Determine Your Business Goals

Start by figuring out what you want to achieve with a VA’s help. Is it to save 20 hours a week? Or maybe boost sales by 30%? Set clear targets so you can see if the VA is helping you hit them.

Identify Which Tasks to Outsource

List out the jobs you want the VA to handle, like managing your social media, entering data, or answering emails. Pick tasks that eat up a lot of your time but don’t need your personal touch.

Estimate Hours Needed

Think about how many hours you’ll need the VA for each week or month. Ask around to see how much VAs charge for those hours. It’s better to overestimate a bit—you can always cut back later.

Factor in Overhead Savings

Remember, a VA can help you save on office costs, equipment, and other expenses. Keep these savings in mind when you’re figuring out if you can afford a VA.

Determine Affordability

Decide the most you can spend on a VA without stretching your budget too thin. Make sure there’s some wiggle room for unexpected costs or if you need to increase hours.

Review Periodically

Keep an eye on how well the VA is helping you reach your goals. Talk with your VA often to make sure they’re doing the right tasks the best way. Adjust their hours and tasks as needed to get the most for your money.

By planning carefully and keeping track of how things are going, hiring a VA can pay off. Just be clear about what you want to achieve, choose your tasks wisely, and stay on top of how your budget is doing.

Leveraging Offshore Talent for Savings

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Access to Specialized Skills at Lower Rates

A skilled graphic designer or digital marketer from Latin America might ask for $25-40 per hour. In the US, you’d pay $70-150 per hour for the same skills. This means you can afford more services like graphic design, video editing or even copywriting.

You end up saving money, which helps your marketing budget go further.

Aligned Time Zones

Latin America is in the same time zone as North America. This makes it easy to work together without timing issues.

Significant Cost Savings

Hiring a VA from Latin America can be 50-70% cheaper than hiring someone with similar skills in the US. This includes savings on things like benefits and office space. As you hire more VAs, you save even more, letting you spend on growing your business.

Flexibility Built-In

You can adjust how much help you get based on your business needs. This saves you from paying for time you don’t use or having to lay off full-time workers.

This flexibility helps you manage rates for virtual assistants better, especially when business needs change. By using talent from other countries, you can do more with less money.

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