What’s The Key to Elevating Your Brand’s Aesthetics on Instagram

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 2, 2024
Elevate your Instagram with cohesive aesthetics and content that resonate, crafting a unique, recognizable brand identity that engages your audience.
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To elevate your brand’s aesthetics on Instagram, focus on creating a cohesive and recognizable visual identity that resonates with your audience. 

Define Your Brand Aesthetics and Personality

Pick 3-5 words that capture what your brand is all about. These words should click with the people you’re trying to reach. Use your posts and stories to talk about how these values are part of what you sell and how your team works.

Share pictures and stories about your products, your team, or anything that shows your values in action. This makes your followers feel more connected to your brand.

Identify Your Target Audience

Your brand aesthetics must be adapted to who your ideal customers are, like their age, where they live, and whether they’re mostly men or women. Think about what these people are interested in, what’s important to them, and what problems they might have.

Make sure your posts and the way your Instagram looks appeal to what your audience likes. Try to share posts made by your followers to make them feel like they’re part of your brand’s story.

Map Your Desired Brand Aesthetic

Choose 2-3 main colors that feel right for your brand, and pick fonts that match the vibe you’re going for. Whether you want to look modern, fancy, or bold, there’s a font for that.

Use your logo, some cool drawings, or symbols to make your brand easily recognizable, and stick to the same filters and editing style for all your pictures so everything looks unified.

By nailing down what your brand is all about and how you want it to look, you make it easier for people creating content to get it right. This means more people will start to recognize and engage with your brand aesthetics on Instagram, helping it grow over time.

Brand Aesthetics: Crafting Your Visual Identity

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Making your Instagram look unique and true to your brand is super important. It’s all about choosing the right designs and colors so people can tell it’s you right away.

Select a Cohesive Color Palette

Pick 2-4 colors that show what your brand is about and stick with them in your posts and Stories. This helps people start to connect these colors with your brand. Have in mind thinking about the feelings you want to share through your colors. Bright colors can show off a fun and lively vibe, while softer colors might feel more upscale.

Establish Design Elements for Recognition

Find special designs, shapes, or symbols that tell your brand’s story and use them often. This makes your brand stand out more. Try making unique drawings or special letter styles that are just yours. Having something that’s only associated with your brand, like a special mascot or font, makes it easier for people to spot you.

Make templates for your posts and Stories using your brand’s colors, fonts, and style. This keeps everything looking neat and connected.

Use Photo Editing Tools Strategically

Make your photos fit your brand aesthetics with editing tools. Add more color for a lively look or use the same filter to keep things looking the same. Choose photo styles that your audience will like. If you’re targeting young people, fun additions like doodles might be a hit. For a more grown-up vibe, go for a classy look.

Make sure all your product photos look similar. Using the same editing style on all your pictures helps your Instagram feed look united.

By choosing designs and colors that match what your brand is about and appealing to your audience, you can make your Instagram stand out. This helps create a strong look that people will remember.

Content Creation Strategies

Mix Real-Life and Product Photos

Try to have more real-life photos (70%) than product photos (30%). This keeps your Instagram interesting but still shows off what you’re selling. Pick real-life photos that show what your brand is all about. If your brand is all about being outdoors, share photos of people enjoying nature.

Use Canva

Canva is a tool that helps you make nice-looking Instagram posts and stories easily. You can find lots of designs on Canva that fit your brand. You can change the colors and fonts to make them just right.

Add Some Movement Carefully

Adding small animations, like a gently moving background, can make your posts more interesting. Keep animations simple. Too much movement can be distracting.

Try Out Instagram Reels

Make sure any trends or music you use for Reels fit with your brand aesthetics. It’s better to use trends that make sense for your products. Share videos that show what goes on behind the scenes of your brand or how to use your products. This helps people understand what you stand for.

Strategies For a Cohesive Feed

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Use an Editorial Calendar

Planning your Instagram posts ahead of time helps keep everything looking and sounding consistent. An editorial calendar lets you organize your posts, captions, and stories so they all match up.

Plan what you’ll post and when, so your feed has a mix of looks but still feels like it all fits together. Think about themes that show off what your brand aesthetics are all about.

Using a calendar keeps everything organized and makes sure your Instagram looks and feels right.

Check Competitors Strategically

Looking at what other businesses are doing on Instagram can give you ideas. Just make sure not to copy them exactly. Look at a few different competitors to see what might work for you.

Checking out the competition can help you figure out what works without losing what makes your brand special.

Extend Branding to Other Areas

Make sure your brand’s style shows up everywhere on Instagram, not just in your posts. Pick a profile picture that fits your brand’s look, and make your story highlights look nice with your brand aesthetics colors and fonts.


Mastering your brand’s aesthetics on Instagram is about more than just pretty visuals, it’s about creating a cohesive and recognizable identity that tells your brand’s story and connects deeply with your target audience. 

By defining your brand’s personality, understanding your audience, selecting a consistent color palette, and utilizing design elements strategically, you can craft a visual identity that stands out. Incorporating real-life imagery, utilizing tools like Canva, and engaging with dynamic content such as Reels, further enriches your brand’s presence. 

Additionally, planning your content with an editorial calendar and drawing inspiration from competitors, while maintaining your unique identity, ensures your feed remains cohesive.

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