What’s the average salary for an UX Designer in Mexico

By Cam Velasco

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Published: Mar 15, 2024
Hiring an UX Designer in Mexico can be highly beneficial for your startup. Their salaries vary by experience, location, and skill set. This article dives into what influences their pay and how it compares internationally.
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Hiring an UX Designer in Mexico can be highly beneficial for your startup. Their salaries vary by experience, location, and skill set. This article dives into what influences their pay and how it compares internationally.

UX Designer Responsibilities

Here’s what UX designers usually do:

  • They talk to users and use surveys or data to figure out what users like or don’t like.
  • They use what they learn to make designs better.
  • They draw up plans for how a website or app should look and work.
  • They make sure everything on a digital platform is easy to use, whether it’s on a computer or a phone.
  • They work with other teams, like those who build the product or make it look good, to make sure everything works well together.
  • They show their design ideas to the people in charge.
  • They keep improving their designs based on what users say or how they use the product.

Their work helps companies keep customers happy, which is good for business.

Required Skills

To be good at their job, UX designers need a mix of skills:

Technical Skills

  • They need to know the rules of good design.
  • They should be able to use design software like Sketch or Figma.
  • They need to understand how to make things work well on different devices.
  • They have to be good at solving problems and understanding data.

Soft Skills

  • They need to care about what users think and feel.
  • They should be able to think of new ideas and explain them well.
  • They need to work well with others and be open to changing their designs.
  • They should understand what the business is trying to achieve.

These skills help UX designers make sure that the digital products we use are not just useful but also something we enjoy using.

Average Salary Overview

Average Salary

On average, a UX Designer in Mexico makes about MXN $469,430 a year, which is roughly MXN $226 an hour. This figure comes from looking at salaries across the country.

Salary Range by Experience
  • Entry-level (1-3 years experience): Between MXN $323,438 and MXN $415,048
  • Mid-level (4-7 years experience): Between MXN $408,387 and MXN $592,725
  • Senior-level (8+ years experience): Between MXN $572,705 and MXN $734,918

As UX Designers gain more experience, they usually earn more money.

Salary Differences by Location

Salaries can change depending on where you are:

  • Mexico City: Around MXN $592,725 a year
  • Monterrey: About MXN $512,176 a year
  • Guadalajara: Roughly MXN $483,567 a year

UX Designers in Mexico City often earn the most, compared to those in other big cities. This might be because living there costs more and there’s a bigger need for UX Designers.

Factors Influencing UX Designer Salaries

There are a few main things that affect how much money UX Designers make in Mexico:

Years of Experience

How long someone has been a UX Designer plays a big role in their salary. Newbies earn less, while those who’ve been around for a while make more.

  • Entry-level UX Designers, or those just starting with 1-3 years of experience, usually make between MXN $323,438 and $415,048 a year.
  • Mid-level UX Designers, with 4-7 years of experience, get between MXN $408,387 and $592,725.
  • Senior-level UX Designers, with 8 or more years, can earn between MXN $572,705 and $734,918 each year.
Educational Background

Most times, UX Designers need a college degree in something like design or computer science. If they learn more or get special certificates in UX, they might get paid more.

Technical and Soft Skills

UX Designers who are really good with design software, understanding users, and making things look nice can earn more. Being able to talk well, think creatively, and understand people also helps.

Company Size

Big companies usually pay UX Designers more than smaller ones. If you work for a big tech company, you’re likely to earn more.


Where you work in Mexico can change how much you make. Jobs in big cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey usually pay the most. But, living in these places might cost more, so it kind of balances out.

Salary Comparison to Other Countries

Mexico vs. USA

When we look at the average yearly salary, UX Designers in the USA make more than twice as much as those in Mexico. This means companies in the US can save a lot of money by hiring UX Designers from Mexico.

Mexico vs. India

The salaries for UX Designers in Mexico are similar to those in India. But for US companies, hiring from Mexico could be better because of the closer time zones, more common language skills, and similar work culture.

Career Progression

As a UX Designer in Mexico gets more experience, they usually start to handle bigger tasks and get paid more. Here’s how a UX Designer’s career typically grows:

Entry-Level (1-3 years experience)
  • Job Titles: UX Designer, Junior UX Designer
  • Salary Range: MXN $323,438 – $415,048 per year
  • Responsibilities:
  • Help with user research like surveys and talking to users
  • Make simple designs and early versions of websites or apps
  • Test if the designs are easy to use
  • Help the more experienced designers with their projects
Mid-Level (4-7 years experience)
  • Job Titles: UX Designer II, UX/UI Designer
  • Salary Range: MXN $408,387 – $592,725 per year
  • Additional Responsibilities:
  • Manage smaller design projects from start to finish
  • Talk to users on your own to find out what they need
  • Create detailed designs and show exactly how a site or app should look and work
  • Make sure everyone understands the design ideas
  • Guide the newer designers
Senior-Level (8+ years experience)
  • Job Titles: Senior UX Designer, UX Architect
  • Salary Range: MXN $572,705 – $734,918 per year
  • Additional Responsibilities:
  • Decide the main design goals for big projects
  • Make important design choices
  • Lead a team of designers on big projects
  • Work closely with the people who run the company and those who build the products
  • Promote the best design practices in the company

As you can see, UX Designers in Mexico have a clear way to move up in their careers. They can learn more, take on bigger projects, and earn more money as they get more experienced.

Impact of Education and Skills on Salary

Getting the right education and skills can really affect how much money a UX Designer makes in Mexico. Let’s dive into how learning and abilities can change your salary.

Education Level

The more you learn, the more you might earn. Most jobs for UX Designers need at least a college degree. People often study things like:

  • Design
  • Computer Science
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Psychology

Some go even further with their education:

  • Master’s degrees in subjects like design, technology, or business can help you get paid more.
  • Certificates or courses in UX Design can also impress employers.

Going the extra mile with education shows you really know your stuff.

Technical Skills

Being really good at certain technical things can also make a difference in how much you get paid. Skills that matter include:

  • Knowing how to do user research
  • Being able to use design software (like Figma or Sketch)
  • Understanding how to make prototypes
  • Knowing the basics of designing websites or apps

These skills show you’re an expert and can lead to better pay.

Soft Skills

Skills that aren’t about technical stuff are important too. Being great at:

  • Talking and listening
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Working well with others

helps you share your ideas, tackle tough situations, and be a good team player. These skills make you more useful and valuable.

In short, if you’re a UX Designer in Mexico, you can make more money by:

  • Getting a degree or even higher education in subjects related to design
  • Earning special UX certificates
  • Getting really good at both the technical and soft skills needed for the job

Learning more and getting better at your job shows you’re serious and skilled, which can lead to better pay and more chances to move up in your career.


To wrap it up, UX Designers in Mexico make about MXN $469,430 a year, or MXN $226 every hour. How much they get paid can change based on a few things:

  • Years of experience – UX Designers who’ve been around longer tend to earn more. Beginners make between MXN $323,438 and $415,048, those in the middle of their career earn MXN $408,387 to $592,725, and the most experienced can make between MXN $572,705 and $734,918 a year.
  • Location – Big cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey usually offer higher salaries than smaller places.
  • Company size – Larger companies often pay more than smaller ones.
  • Education and skills – More education or special training in UX can lead to higher pay. Being really good at both the technical parts of the job and the people skills can also make you more valuable.

Looking at how this compares to other places, UX Designers in Mexico:

  • Earn a lot less than their counterparts in the USA, where the average is over $100,000 USD a year.
  • Make about the same as those in India.

This shows that companies in the US could save money by hiring UX Designers from Mexico.

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