What are the most used code languages and what are they used for

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 4, 2024
In 2024, the programming landscape continues to evolve, but some languages remain at the forefront of technology development. Here's a quick rundown of the most used code languages in the recent years
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In 2024, the programming landscape continues to evolve, but some languages remain at the forefront of technology development. Here’s a quick rundown of the most used code languages according to the latest surveys:

  • JavaScript: The go-to language for web development, used by 65.8% of developers.
  • HTML/CSS: Essential for designing and structuring web pages, used by 63.1%.
  • SQL: Key for database management, relied upon by 57.7%.
  • Python: Favoured for its simplicity and versatility in data science and web apps, with 45.3% usage.
  • TypeScript: Gaining traction for building robust web applications, used by 43.8%.

Other notable mentions include Java, C#, and C/C++, each chosen for specific applications like Android development, Windows apps, and game development, respectively. Emerging languages like Go, Rust, and Kotlin are also highlighted for their growing popularity in specific niches such as system programming and Android app development. This quick overview gives a clear picture of the current programming landscape, tailored for those looking to stay updated or choose a language to learn.

The Most Used Code Languages

1. JavaScript


JavaScript (JS) is currently the top pick for coding, especially when it comes to making websites. A big survey by Stack Overflow in 2022 found that about 69.7% of developers use it a lot.

Why do so many people use JavaScript? Here are the main reasons:

  • For websites: JS is the go-to language for making web pages do cool stuff. Things like menus that drop down, slideshows of pictures, and checking forms are all done with JS.
  • Works everywhere: JS works on all kinds of devices and systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android without any trouble. This makes it really handy.
  • Node.js: This is a tool that lets people use JS to make server-side stuff, which means JS isn’t just for making web pages look good but can also handle the heavy lifting on the web server.
  • Easy to start with: Compared to some other languages like Java or C++, JS is easier to get the hang of. This is great for beginners.
  • In demand: Because JS is used so much, knowing how to use it can help you get a job. It’s a skill a lot of employers look for.
  • Community support: There’s a big community of JS users who share tools and libraries to help each other build things faster.

All in all, JavaScript is the main language for making websites work and look good. With popular tools like React and Angular, it’s likely to stay important for a long while. Learning JS opens up lots of job opportunities.

2. Python


Python is a favorite among about 48.2% of developers, as found in Stack Overflow’s survey. Let’s break down why Python is so popular:

  • Easy to learn: Python‘s rules are simple and clear, making it a great choice for those just starting to code. You can quickly get the hang of it and start making your own programs.
  • Good for many tasks: Whether it’s building websites, analyzing data, or even creating smart technology, Python can handle it. This makes it a valuable tool in lots of different jobs.
  • Big support group: A lot of people use Python, which means there’s a ton of help out there. Whether it’s free code to use, advice, or tutorials, you’re covered.
  • Employers love it: Knowing Python can really help when looking for a job. It’s often listed as a must-have skill in tech.
  • Great for science and data: Python has special tools for working with numbers and data, making it perfect for science experiments or understanding trends.
  • Can grow with you: You can start small with Python, like making a quick script, and then use it for bigger projects. Big companies like Google and Spotify use Python for all sorts of things.

Even though Python isn’t the fastest language compared to some like C++, it’s a good middle ground. It lets you make things quickly without being too slow. As the world gets more into data and smart technology, Python’s going to stay pretty important. It’s both an easy place to start for beginners and powerful enough for big projects.

3. Java


Java is a well-liked coding language, with about 39.2% of developers using it according to a Stack Overflow survey. Let’s break down Java and why it’s still a key player:

  • Works everywhere: Java code can run on lots of different computers, servers, and mobile devices. This ability to work across platforms makes it super versatile.
  • Android app favorite: A lot of Android phone apps are made with Java. It’s the go-to language for Android development.
  • Big in business software: Java is behind many powerful business applications and websites that deal with a lot of users and data. Big names like Amazon and Google rely on it.
  • Organizes code well: Java uses a method called object-oriented programming (OOP), which helps organize code into objects, or sections, that represent real-world things. This makes managing big projects easier.
  • Strong support community: There’s a wealth of forums, guides, and tools available for Java programmers, making it easier to learn and speed up project work.
  • Highly sought skills: The skills for building enterprise software, mobile apps, and web apps with Java are in high demand.

Java might not be as easy for beginners as Python or JavaScript, but it’s very powerful. It’s been around for a while as a top choice for creating complex, scalable applications. With ongoing updates and a solid community, Java is set to stay important in the tech world.

4. C#

C# (said like “C-sharp”) is a kind of programming language used by about 34.3% of developers, based on what Stack Overflow found out. Let’s look at C# and why it’s still chosen by so many:

  • Works on many things: You can use C# code on Windows, Mac, Linux, phones, game consoles, and more because of something called .NET frameworks. This makes it super flexible.
  • Code that’s easy to read: C# tries to be easy to understand, almost like reading English, which helps people work together better.
  • Fast: C# is made to be quick, which is great for creating speedy apps and services.
  • For making games: Game engines like Unity use C# to make 2D and 3D games that you can play on different devices.
  • Mobile apps: With tools called Xamarin, you can make apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones using C#.
  • Good for smart tech: C# is also good for working on smart projects, like machine learning, with tools like ML.NET.
  • Lots of help available: Since Microsoft supports C#, there’s plenty of good instructions and a big group of programmers ready to help.

With its ability to work across different platforms, being fast, easy to understand, and having a strong support network, C# is perfect for big projects. It’s especially useful if you’re into making games, mobile apps, or working with smart tech. As a solid choice for many types of work, C# is expected to stay popular.

5. PHP

PHP is used by about 27.8% of developers, according to a survey from 2021. Let’s talk about PHP and why a lot of people still use it:

  • For making websites that change: PHP is really important for systems like WordPress and Drupal that let you update your website easily. It helps websites talk to databases so you can have pages that update with new info often.
  • Lots of big sites use it: Big names like Facebook, Wikipedia, and others use PHP for important parts of their websites.
  • Mixes well with HTML: You can put PHP code right into HTML pages. If you already know HTML, picking up PHP is easier.
  • It’s free: PHP is open source, which means anyone can use it without paying. This is great for people just starting out or small businesses.
  • Quick to try out ideas: PHP lets you build and test new website ideas quickly, without making things too complicated.
  • Easy to find a place for your site: Because PHP is so popular, a lot of web hosting services are set up to support PHP websites. This makes it simple to get your site up and running.
  • Can handle growth: PHP is good at dealing with more visitors and more data. That’s why big companies trust it for their websites.

Even though PHP isn’t the fastest language compared to some like C++, it finds a good balance. It’s really handy for making websites that need to update often. As long as platforms like WordPress are around, PHP will be important for building stuff on the web.

6. SQL


SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language and is often said like “sequel,” is a coding language that about 51.8% of developers use, according to a survey by Stack Overflow. It’s super important for dealing with databases. Here’s a simple breakdown of SQL:

  • Made for databases: SQL is all about working with databases. It’s used to organize, retrieve, and manage data in systems like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.
  • Keeps data tidy: With SQL, you can sort data into neat tables, link these tables together, and set rules for how the data is handled.
  • Finds data quickly: SQL’s main job is to help you get the data you need from a database, and it can do this really fast, even with huge amounts of data.
  • Changes data: You can add new data, update existing data, or remove data you don’t need anymore using commands like INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE in SQL.
  • Handles big data well: SQL can manage and find data efficiently, even in databases with billions of rows, which is great for large websites and apps.
  • A skill in demand: Knowing how to use SQL is something a lot of companies want because databases are key to their operations.
  • Skills you can take anywhere: Once you learn SQL, you can use it with many different database systems because the basic language stays the same.

SQL is crucial because it helps us organize and understand the huge amounts of data we create. It’s the backbone of making decisions based on data. Whether it’s for a small project or a big company, knowing SQL opens up lots of opportunities to work with data.

Emerging Languages to Watch

While we all know about popular languages like JavaScript, Python, and Java, there are some new kids on the block that are starting to make some noise. These languages are not as famous yet, but they’re getting more attention because they’re good at certain things. Let’s take a closer look at some of these emerging languages:



Go was made by the folks at Google and is getting noticed because it’s really good at making software that’s fast and doesn’t crash. Here’s why people like it:

  • Fast: It makes programs run quickly.
  • Simple: It’s not hard to learn and has a straightforward way of writing code.
  • Handles lots of users: Great for apps or services used by lots of people at the same time.
  • Finds mistakes early: Helps you catch errors before your program runs.

Go is great for when you need to build something that lots of people will use, like websites or cloud services.


Kotlin is a newer option for making Android apps and is starting to be liked more than Java for this. It’s cool because:

  • Less messy: You can do the same stuff with fewer lines of code.
  • Plays nice with Java: You can use it with all the Java stuff you already know.
  • Safer: It’s designed to avoid common crashes.
  • Supports modern coding styles: Lets you write code in a way that’s easier to manage.

Kotlin makes it simpler and safer to create apps for Android phones.



Rust is all about making software that’s super fast and safe. Here’s what stands out:

  • Really fast: It’s designed to run programs super quickly.
  • Memory safe: It helps prevent common programming mistakes that can cause crashes.
  • No waiting around: It doesn’t need to pause your program to clean up unused data.
  • Safe from crashes: It’s built to prevent errors that can make programs stop working.

Rust is a bit tougher to learn than Go or Kotlin, but it’s really good for projects where you can’t afford any mistakes, like in systems that need to run all the time.

These new languages, Go, Kotlin, and Rust, might not be as common as the big ones we all know, but they’re getting popular for good reasons. They’re worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re interested in making things that are fast, safe, and can handle a lot of users.


The most popular programming languages in 2024, according to what we’ve seen on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and other surveys, are JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, C/C++, PHP, SQL, TypeScript, and Go. These are the languages behind a lot of the tech we use every day, like websites, apps, and even smart tech that can learn on its own.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we learned:

  • JavaScript is the top dog, especially for making websites. It’s popular because it works well in web browsers and is pretty easy to pick up.
  • Python is a favorite for its simple style and its tools for working with data and AI. As more people get into data science, Python becomes even more popular.
  • Java keeps its spot for building big programs, Android apps, and business software because it can run the same way on many devices and handle big tasks well.
  • C# is known for being fast, working on many platforms, and being used in a variety of projects, including games and tech that learns.
  • SQL is a must-know for dealing with data storage and getting data out of databases, which is a big part of many apps and websites.
  • PHP is still running a lot of websites that need to update often.

Looking ahead, TypeScript, Go, Rust, and Kotlin are languages that are starting to get noticed. They’re worth watching because they’re good at specific things and might become more important.

Learning any of these main languages is a good move for your career. But it’s also smart to keep an eye on new languages that are starting to get popular. The specific languages people use might change, but being good at programming is always going to be valuable.

Related Questions

What is the most commonly used coding language?

JavaScript is the most used coding language right now. The 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey says that about 69.7% of developers work with JavaScript. Here’s why it’s so popular:

  • It’s great for making websites interactive and fun, like adding drop-down menus or slideshows.
  • It works on pretty much any device or system, which means you can use it everywhere.
  • With tools like Node.js, you can also use JavaScript for more heavy-duty stuff on web servers, not just for making web pages look nice.
  • There’s a big group of JavaScript users who share tools and help each other out, making it easier for newcomers to learn.

So, for anything related to websites, JavaScript is the top choice because it’s versatile and supported by a strong community.

Should I learn JavaScript or Python?

Choosing between JavaScript and Python depends on what you want to do:

  • If you’re into web development, go for JavaScript. It’s essential for making websites.
  • If you’re more interested in data science or AI, Python is better because it has lots of tools for those areas.
  • JavaScript is a must for web development jobs. Python is also in demand, especially for data science roles.
  • Both languages are pretty easy to start with. Python might be a bit simpler, but JavaScript is everywhere on the web.

It really comes down to whether you want to work on websites or dive into data and AI. Both skills are valuable.

Is C++ still used?

Yes, C++ is still widely used. Here’s why it’s still around:

  • It’s super fast and efficient, which is perfect for games, apps, and systems that need to run smoothly.
  • You can use C++ code on different devices and operating systems, making it very flexible.
  • It’s good at working directly with hardware and can be combined with other languages for more complex projects.
  • There’s a huge range of C++ libraries for all sorts of tasks, from graphics to AI.

So, even though C++ is an older language, it’s still crucial for high-performance software.

What type of code is used most?

According to the Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, the top programming languages used by developers are:

  • JavaScript (69.7% of developers)
  • HTML/CSS (63.1%)
  • SQL (57.7%)
  • Python (46.3%)
  • Java (39.7%)

JavaScript is a big deal for web development. HTML & CSS are basic for creating and styling web pages.

SQL is key for managing databases behind websites and apps. Python is growing in popularity for data science, AI, and more.

So, the most used codes are for building and running websites (JavaScript, HTML/CSS) and working with data (SQL, Python). Java is also widely used, especially for server-side development and Android apps.

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