The Marketing Assistant Role: A Guide for Australian Startups

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 21, 2024
Hiring a marketing assistant is crucial for Australian startups, streamlining marketing efforts and fostering innovation while optimizing resource allocation.
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Thinking about hiring someone for a marketing assistant role in your Australian startup? Here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell:

Definition and Key Responsibilities

A marketing assistant is someone who’s just starting and helps the marketing team with both behind-the-scenes work and creative tasks. Their main jobs usually include doing everyday marketing jobs like planning social media posts, checking content for mistakes, keeping track of information, and helping with event details.

Finding out what people like and what’s happening in the market by doing research, helping make and share marketing stuff across different ways of reaching people, and keeping an eye on how well campaigns are doing by making reports about it are also part of the activities for this role.

For instance, in a startup in Sydney, a marketing assistant might be in charge of putting up social media updates, watching how people react, and figuring out which posts people like the most.

The Value of a Marketing Assistant to Australian Startups

The marketing assistant role can be really helpful for a startup that wants to grow without spending too much money. Here’s why they’re so valuable:

Cost Savings

Instead of hiring experts for different tasks, startups can teach marketing assistants to do a bunch of digital marketing jobs without costing a lot. This means the startup can spend money on other important things.


Marketing assistants can quickly switch between different tasks and projects as needed. This means they can help out in many ways, not just stuck doing one thing.

Growth Contributions

By taking care of important but time-consuming tasks like handling social media, sending out emails, and researching the market, marketing assistants let the big bosses concentrate on planning for the future.

With the right guidance and training, a marketing assistant can help a small marketing team do more and come up with new ideas. Their help with both everyday tasks and creative projects can make the whole team more productive and innovative.

Essential Skills for a Marketing Assistant

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To be good at a marketing assistant role, especially in a fast-moving environment like a startup, you need to be good at talking to people, organizing things, and understanding data. Let’s break down the important skills you should have:

Communication Skills

Being able to talk and write well is super important. Here’s why:

  • Writing and editing: You need to be able to write clearly for things like social media posts, emails, and website content. Also, being able to fix and improve what you or others have written is key.
  • Interpersonal communication: You’ll be talking to a lot of different people, both inside and outside your team. Being able to share your ideas clearly and listen to others is crucial.
  • Presentation skills: Sometimes, you’ll need to share what you’ve learned or your ideas with the team or bosses. Doing this confidently and clearly is important.
Technical Proficiency

You’ll be using a bunch of different tools and software. Here are some you should know about:

  • CRM platforms: Tools like Salesforce help you keep track of customers and leads.
  • Design programs: Knowing how to use design tools like Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud helps you make cool marketing stuff.
  • Analytics: Using Google Analytics lets you see how well your website or campaigns are doing and understand the data.
  • Email marketing: Tools like Mailchimp are used to send out emails to lots of people and see how they react.
  • Project management: Using software like Asana or Trello helps you keep track of what you need to do and when.
Organization and Time Management

Being able to handle lots of tasks at once is a big part of the job. You’ll need:

  • Planning abilities to figure out what needs to be done and when.
  • Attention to detail to make sure everything you do is right and looks good.
  • Resourcefulness to solve problems on your own and think of new ideas.
  • Multitasking capabilities to manage different projects without getting overwhelmed.

With these skills, marketing assistants can really help their teams by coming up with strategies, creating interesting content, and running successful campaigns. It’s all about being able to talk well, use the right tools, and keep everything organized.

Hiring a Marketing Assistant in Australia

Salary Expectations

A marketing assistant role in Australia usually makes between $55,000 and $65,000 a year. How much they get paid can change because of location, company size, or experience level.

As a startup, paying big salaries might be tough. But, you can offer other cool things like owning a part of the company or more freedom in how you work. Make sure the pay is good enough to get really good people.

Qualifications and Experience

Most of the time, companies want marketing assistants to have:

A diploma or degree in something like marketing or communications. This includes studying things like digital marketing or public relations. 1-3 years of experience in marketing or similar jobs like writing, design, or handling social media.

The most important thing is finding someone who fits well with your team. Look for someone keen to learn and matches your startup’s vibe. Being able to jump in and try new things is key.

In short, the best marketing assistant has the right education, some experience, and fits in well with your team. 

The Marketing Industry in Australia

Close-up of a hand on a table with various printed materials with words like 'TRENDS' and 'strategy' visible, suggesting a marketing strategy session.

The marketing assistant role in Australia is booming because more businesses want to get good at online marketing and make decisions based on numbers. Let’s look at what’s happening:

Growing Focus on Digital Marketing

Online marketing methods like using social media, improving search engine rankings, and email marketing are getting more attention from Australian companies. As a matter of fact, money spent on social media ads jumped by more than 30% from one year to the next

As people spend more time on the internet, businesses need people who know how to reach out to customers on different online platforms.

Content Marketing Growing in Importance

Sharing useful, high-quality content is becoming a key way to make people aware of a brand and convince them to buy. This includes creating helpful blog posts and videos.

By sharing informative content, companies can build trust and show they know their stuff, which helps turn people into customers.

Finding and Hiring the Right Talent

Building the Ideal Candidate Profile

Before you start looking for a marketing assistant, make sure you know exactly what you need them to do. 

List the everyday jobs they’ll handle, like taking care of social media, writing stuff, and checking how campaigns are doing. Decide on the must-know skills such as communication, technical proficiency, and being organized.

Knowing exactly what the job involves and what skills are needed helps you pick the right person for the job.

Recruitment and Selection Process

To find the right candidate, cast a wide net through job sites, social media, and referrals. Pre-screen top applicants with skills tests and phone chats. Interview final candidates, assign tasks, and meet the team. Finally, check references to ensure a good fit, saving time and ensuring quality hires.

Taking these steps helps you understand who you’re hiring. Spending time on this at the start means you’re more likely to find the right person.

Conclusion: The Value of the Marketing Assistant Role for Australian Startups

Hiring a marketing assistant is a strategic move for Australian startups seeking to bolster their marketing endeavors without incurring substantial costs. 

These professionals assume pivotal responsibilities such as managing social media, crafting content, monitoring campaign performance, and organizing events, freeing up the startup’s leadership to focus on overarching strategies. 

By training marketing assistants to handle various tasks, startups optimize resource allocation, saving both time and money that would otherwise be spent on hiring multiple specialists.

Moreover, their presence encourages a culture of innovation within the marketing team, as they can dedicate more time to brainstorming creative approaches to engage customers. 

The flexibility and quick learning ability of marketing assistants are particularly advantageous in the fast-paced startup environment, where adaptability is key to success. 

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