A Comprehensive Review of Mailchimp’s Latest Marketing Features

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Nov 8, 2023
This article provides an in-depth review of Mailchimp's latest email marketing, landing page, automation and analytics features to help determine if it's the right fit for your needs.
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Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms, used by millions of businesses and marketers worldwide. As a leader in the marketing automation space, Mailchimp offers powerful features for email campaigns, landing pages, analytics, and more to help companies maximize their marketing efforts.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore Mailchimp’s latest capabilities to see how they can take your marketing to the next level. We’ll cover key features like flexible email campaign builders, landing page creation, marketing automation journeys, and robust analytics.


Email Campaign Creation and Delivery


Mailchimp makes creating standout email campaigns easy through its drag-and-drop builder and extensive template library. Campaigns can be tailored to any industry and goal.

For example, an e-commerce company can use a promotional template to advertise holiday sales and new product arrivals. Nonprofits might leverage an event template to drive registrations and donations for an upcoming gala.

Extensive customization and branding options include adding logos, images, custom fonts, and more to match email content to your visual identity. For those needing complete creative control, the HTML editor allows building emails from scratch.


Design and Branding Capabilities


With over 700 professionally designed templates, Mailchimp has options tailored to every use case and industry imaginable. Businesses can choose templates that align with their brand style and then customize colors, fonts, and design elements to perfection.

For example, yoga studios can select a template featuring an image of someone meditating and then adapt it with their brand colors and logos. Software companies can pick a template showcasing a product screenshot and infuse their own product images and messaging.

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to tweak templates without any coding knowledge. For extensive design needs, Floowi’s creative services craft completely bespoke, branded templates that wow.


Targeting and Segmentation Tools


Mailchimp enables sending targeted content to specific subscriber groups based on attributes like demographics, interests, past engagement, and more.

For example, an e-commerce retailer can send abandoned cart reminders only to customers who left items unpurchased. Or a saas company can re-engage inactive subscribers with educational content about key features.

With Mailchimp’s automation and AI, businesses can determine the optimal segments and content to boost engagement and conversions. When combined with Floowi’s strategic expertise, messaging can be further refined based on in-depth analytics.


Automation for Personalized Journeys


Mailchimp’s marketing automation allows creating unique journeys for each subscriber tailored to their behaviors and interests.

For instance, subscribers who download a buyer’s guide focused on a specific topic can then receive a series of related emails with more in-depth content. Customers who make a purchase can get a post-sale customer satisfaction survey.

Mailchimp uses AI to determine the optimal send-times for each user. With guidance from Floowi, automations can be optimized to boost relevancy and engagement at every touchpoint.


Landing Pages and Forms


Mailchimp provides an easy-to-use landing page builder to turn website visitors into leads. Pre-made templates and drag-and-drop customization make it simple to create high-converting pages that match your brand.

For example, a software company can build a trial sign-up page complete with a lead gen form, testimonials, and pricing. Or a gym can create a landing page promoting a new class, with a contact form to get visitor information.

The builder offers numerous templates for common conversion goals, all of which can be adapted to your visual identity. Integrations with CRM and email marketing platforms help you make the most of captured leads.


Templates and Customization


With templates for every goal and industry, it’s easy to quickly build attractive landing pages optimized for conversions. Extensive options let you adapt colors, fonts, layouts, images, and more to match your brand style.

For example, law firms can select templates featuring legal imagery then customize with colors and fonts that align with their firm’s aesthetic. Nonprofits can pick event page templates and personalize with their cause’s branding.

For more advanced customization, custom code can be added to templates. To take branding even further, Floowi’s design services deliver completely customized, high-converting pages.


Lead Capture and Analytics


Mailchimp offers pre-built fields for capturing visitor information like names, emails, and phone numbers. Integrations automatically sync these leads with CRM and email platforms for follow up.

Features like branching logic can redirect form submitters to different thank you pages based on their responses. Detailed reporting provides insight into conversion rates, form field effectiveness, and more.

Combined with Google Analytics, Floowi can help businesses interpret analytics to optimize forms and capture higher quality leads.


A/B Testing Capabilities


Mailchimp’s built-in A/B testing makes it easy to experiment with different page elements like headlines, images, calls-to-action, and layouts to increase conversions.

Mailchimp will automatically split traffic between variants to see which performs best. The winning version can then be launched to all visitors for maximum conversions.

A/B testing can even optimize different segments and targeting approaches. With guidance from Floowi’s experts, A/B testing can lift conversion rates exponentially.


Analytics and Reporting


In-depth analytics and reporting enable optimizing campaigns and landing pages for improved performance over time. Integrations provide a comprehensive data view.

Key email metrics like open and clickthrough rates, unsubscribes, and spam complaints are all monitored to identify trends. Engagement can be analyzed across different segments and campaigns.

For landing pages, visitor numbers, conversions, drop-off points, and A/B test results are tracked. Google Analytics fills any data gaps.


Email Analytics and Insights


Mailchimp compiles subscriber engagement data across devices and campaigns. This allows identifying high and low performing content for different segments over time.

Features like heat maps indicate what email areas get the most attention. A/B testing reveals optimal content for each audience. With these insights from Mailchimp, Floowi can develop data-backed optimization strategies.


Landing Page and Form Analytics


Mailchimp tracks all visitor interactions on landing pages and forms. Businesses can easily see high traffic pages as well as low converting pages.

A/B testing conclusively identifies the best performing page variations. Conversion funnels visualize points where visitors drop off so they can be fixed.

Combined with Google Analytics, Floowi helps turn analytics into strategies to optimize conversion rates at every step.


Integrations and Reporting


Mailchimp integrations with platforms like Salesforce append valuable behavioral data to contacts for better segmentation. Customizable reports can be scheduled and exported as needed.

Mailchimp’s integration with Google Data Studio facilitates building custom, interactive dashboards to uncover key performance insights. With Floowi’s analytics experts, data can be synthesized into dashboards and recommendations that drive growth.


Conclusion and Key Takeaways


In this comprehensive guide, we explored how Mailchimp provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools for creating standout email campaigns, high-converting landing pages, automated workflows, and in-depth analytics.

While Mailchimp helps simplify sophisticated marketing, partnering with Floowi’s experts takes results to the next level through strategic guidance, creative services, and data-driven optimization.

In summary, Mailchimp brings together email, landing pages, marketing automation, and analytics in one cost-effective platform. Its versatile features and intuitive interface make it a premier choice for businesses of any size looking to boost marketing performance. To maximize Mailchimp’s capabilities, integrate offshore talent from Floowi for design, copywriting, and strategic support tailored to your brand’s needs.



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CEO & Co-Founder

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