Improve Your LinkedIn Profile With These 5 Key Tips

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 3, 2024
Optimize your LinkedIn profile by crafting a headline that brands your professional identity, and keeps your photo and URL professional.
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Looking to enhance your LinkedIn profile? Start with a compelling headline and summary that succinctly showcase your professional identity, think of it as your personal brand’s tagline. Support this with professional visuals, a clear profile photo, and an engaging header image that reflects your profession. Don’t forget to customize your LinkedIn URL to make your profile more memorable and professional. 

By focusing on these key areas, you can create a more impactful and memorable LinkedIn profile that can help advance your career.

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile With:

1. Crafting a Compelling Headline and Summary

Improve your LinkedIn headline and summary since these are the first things people see. It’s important to make them interesting so they show off who you are professionally.

Keep your headline short (under 120 characters). Just say what you do and what industry you’re in. You can also mention something special you’ve achieved. Make your summary about yourself, make sure to write 3-4 sentences on your work history, what you’re good at, and what you want to do next. Use easy-to-understand language and stay away from common, over-used words.

Try showing off your work, in the summary’s featured section, you can add links or pictures of your work. This helps people see what you’ve done. Point out important jobs, and use your summary to highlight key past jobs listed in the experiences section. This shows off your skills. Don’t forget to use a simple URL, make your LinkedIn web address neat and professional by using your name.

Putting together a great headline and summary takes time, but it helps you make a good first impression. It also guides viewers to the best parts of your profile. Remember to update them as you move forward in your career.

2. Professional Visuals: Photo and Header

When you want to improve your LinkedIn profile, how you look matters. Here’s how to nail your photo and header so you make a great first impression:

Profile Photo

Pick a clear, high-quality picture where it’s just you. Make sure it’s bright and zoomed in on your face. Wear what you’d wear to work. Skip the casual clothes and busy backgrounds.

A simple smile and looking into the camera can make you seem friendly and easy to talk to. Keep your photo up-to-date, changing it every couple of years.

Header Image

Choose a background picture that says something about your job. Think about using pictures of your work environment, a city skyline, or something that includes your company’s logo. Make sure the picture is clear and fits the header space well. You don’t want it to look stretched or blurry.

You can put your name, job title, and maybe your logo on this picture. Just make sure it’s easy to read. Updating your header image now and then keeps your profile looking fresh.

A good photo and header can show off your professional side. Taking the time to get these right helps people see you as capable and skilled right from the start.

3. Customize Your LinkedIn URL

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Making your LinkedIn URL simple and personalized is a smart move. It makes your profile look more polished and is easier to share. Here’s how to do it:

First, go to your profile and look for the option to edit your public profile and URL. It’s usually on the right side.

Try to use your full name for your URL, like this: A personalized URL stands out more on a resume or business card than the default one. It’s also easier to remember and looks cleaner.

You’re not stuck with it forever. You can change your custom LinkedIn URL later if you need to. For better readability, separate your name and extra details with a dash or underscore.

Updating your LinkedIn URL to something simple and unique is a quick fix that can really boost your profile’s look. It makes it easier for others to find you and helps you look more professional. Plus, it’s a good step in making your profile stand out.

4. Engage and Interact

Talking and connecting with others on LinkedIn is important for making the most of the site. Here are simple ways to do it:

Talk on posts:

Look at your feed and talk about posts related to your work area from people you know. This shows you’re active. When you comment, share what you know or your experiences. This can help you make more connections.

Join groups:

Find groups that match your work area or what you’re interested in. Once you’re in, join the conversations if you have something useful to say. You can show you know your stuff by sharing smart content.

Meet up with colleagues:

Look for people you work with now or in the past. Making connections helps strengthen relationships. Sending a personalized note with your invitation can make people more likely to accept. Mention how you know each other.

Follow companies:

Keep an eye on companies you’re interested in working for or doing business with. This way, you can see their news and job openings.

Being active and sharing on LinkedIn can open new doors. Just make sure to share things that are helpful and build connections.

5. Highlight Your Achievements and Skills

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Improve your LinkedIn profile by highlighting what you’ve done well in your career and the skills that make you good at your job. Here’s how to do it simply:

Share Your Wins

Under each job on your profile, use 2-3 simple points to talk about what you’re most proud of. Add numbers to show off your impact and mention any awards, promotions, or big projects you were in charge of.

Pick the Right Skills

Choose up to 15 skills that show what you’re good at. Mix technical skills with soft skills like teamwork or communication. Pick skills that match what you want to do and what employers are looking for.

Ask for Endorsements

It’s great when people you’ve worked with say you’re good at the skills you’ve listed. This makes your skills more believable. You can also say good things about the skills of people you know. They might return the favor.

Talking about your big wins and key skills simply can improve your LinkedIn profile. Remember to keep this part of your profile updated as you achieve new things.


Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated and polished is key for your career. By following the five main tips we talked about, you can make your profile much better and use it to help your career.

Don’t forget to check your profile now and then to add new skills or achievements. A good LinkedIn profile helps you control how people see you professionally, find new opportunities, and reach your career goals.

Spending time to improve your LinkedIn profile can pay off. Use the tips we’ve shared, and let your LinkedIn profile help you in your career journey.

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