This Is What You Need to Know If You are Hiring Talent from Brazil

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 28, 2024
If you're considering hiring talent from Brazil, in this blog we'll dive into everything you need to know to leverage Brazilian talent to grow your startup.
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If you’re considering hiring talent from Brazil, here’s everything you need to know condensed into a quick guide:

  • Cost-Effective: Hiring in Brazil can save you money due to lower salaries and favorable exchange rates.
  • Talented Pool: Brazil boasts a vast pool of creative and tech-savvy marketing professionals.
  • Cultural Fit: Brazilians’ work culture is compatible with North American businesses, making collaboration smooth.
  • Time Zone Convenience: The minimal time difference facilitates real-time collaboration.

Understanding the Brazilian marketing talent landscape involves recognizing the abundance of skilled professionals in major cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, with competencies in SEO, social media, email marketing, and graphic design.

Navigating Brazil’s employment laws requires awareness of worker protections, such as minimum wage and overtime pay. Leveraging Employer of Record (EOR) services can simplify the hiring process, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Effective recruitment strategies include clear job descriptions, utilizing popular job boards, and embracing cultural integration practices for new hires. Managing Brazilian employees remotely calls for regular communication, using popular tools like WhatsApp and Zoom, and fostering a strong team culture.

Quick Tips for Hiring Talent in Brazil:

  • Legal Compliance: Familiarize yourself with Brazil’s employment laws or partner with an EOR service.
  • Recruitment Channels: Explore LinkedIn, InfoJobs, Catho, and niche groups for sourcing talent.
  • Cultural Integration: Implement onboarding programs focusing on team bonding and understanding Brazilian work culture.
  • Communication: Maintain open lines of communication, employing tools favored in Brazil.
  • Retention Strategies: Offer competitive salaries, growth opportunities, and work-life balance to retain top talent.

By keeping these points in mind, you can effectively tap into Brazil’s rich pool of marketing talent, ensuring a smooth and compliant hiring process.

Cultural Compatibility for Global Teams

Here are some reasons why Brazilian marketing professionals work well in international teams:

  • Team Orientation: Brazilians like working together and making strong connections at work.
  • Communication Style: They’re straightforward, expressive, and focus on building relationships, which helps everyone get along and understand each other.
  • Flexibility: They’re good at adapting to changes, which is important in business.
  • Openness to Diversity: Being used to diversity at home makes them open and inclusive, which is great for working with people from different backgrounds.

These traits make it easy for Brazilian marketing pros to work well with teams from all over the world, mixing their focus on the job with personal connections to overcome cultural differences.

Laws and Compliance for Hiring Talent in Brazil

Navigating Brazil’s Legal Landscape

When you’re looking to hire someone from Brazil, there are a bunch of rules you need to know about. Brazil has strong laws to protect workers, including:

  • Minimum Wage – Brazil sets a minimum amount you have to pay workers, and it changes every year. As of 2023, it’s R$1,302 (around $250 USD) per month.
  • Overtime – If someone works more than 44 hours a week, you have to pay them extra, at least 50% more than their usual hourly rate.
  • Terminations – Firing someone isn’t simple. If there’s no specific reason for the firing, you might have to pay them a month’s salary for every year they worked for you.
  • Paid Leave – Workers get 30 days of paid vacation each year, plus paid days off for being sick or having a baby.

Not following these rules can get you into trouble, like being sued or fined.

Leveraging Employer of Record Services

Instead of setting up your own payroll and HR in Brazil, you can use an Employer of Record (EOR) service. This means a company like Remote acts as the official employer, handling all the legal and payroll stuff, while you just manage the day-to-day work. Benefits include:

  • Faster Startup – You can start hiring quickly, without needing a local office.
  • Minimized Risk – They take care of following all the local laws.
  • Reduced Costs – You don’t need to set up your own HR team in Brazil.
  • Peace of Mind – They’re responsible for the legal side of things, not you.

Using an EOR makes it easier and safer to hire in Brazil.

Avoiding Discrimination and Ensuring Equality when Hiring Talent in Brazil

Brazil is serious about preventing discrimination at work, including against:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Where you’re from
  • Age
  • Disabilities
  • Being pregnant
  • And more

They also have laws to fight racism and hate speech. As an employer, you need to:

  • Make sure your hiring is fair.
  • Give everyone the same chances to grow in their job.
  • Keep the workplace welcoming for everyone.

Ignoring these rules can lead to big problems, legally and for your reputation. Working with an EOR that knows Brazilian employment laws can help you make sure you’re doing things right.

Best Practices for Hiring Talent in Brazil

Defining the Right Job Requirements

When you’re looking for people to work in Brazil, make sure your job ads are clear about:

  • What the job involves and what you expect from them
  • The skills and experience they need to have
  • Any specific software or tools they should know
  • Personal skills like being good at talking to people, working in a team, and solving problems
  • If they need to speak English or Portuguese
  • Being open about how much experience they really need so you don’t scare people off

Clear job ads will get more people from Brazil interested because they’ll understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Talent Sourcing Channels and Strategies for Hiring Talent in Brazil

Here are some great places to find marketing talent in Brazil:

  • LinkedIn – Lots of users and good for searching
  • InfoJobs – A big job board in Brazil for marketing jobs
  • Catho – A popular job site in Latin America
  • Hipsters – Good for finding young, tech-savvy people

You can also check out marketing groups, go to events, or ask people you already work with in Brazil for suggestions. When you talk about the job, make sure to mention the chances to grow, work on international projects, and be part of a fun team.

Interviewing Considerations

When interviewing people from Brazil:

  • Start with a friendly chat about hobbies or family before talking business
  • Keep the conversation flowing both ways
  • Use real-life scenarios to see how they solve problems
  • Be clear about what happens next

Avoid simple yes or no questions. Have them share stories and experiences to show what they can do.

Negotiating Job Offers

When offering a job, remember to:

  • Explain the pay and benefits clearly
  • Check what’s usually paid for that job in Brazil
  • Remember that in Brazil, people usually get 30 days of vacation
  • Be ready to talk if they want to negotiate
  • Talk about working from home if that’s an option

Starting with a clear and fair offer makes it easier to hire great people.

Onboarding & Successfully Managing Brazilian Employees

Cultural Integration Program

When you bring Brazilian employees into your team, it’s smart to help them fit in right away. Here’s how:

Get to know you activities: Let new folks talk about themselves – where they’re from, their hobbies, and more. Brazilians like making friends at work.

Review communication norms: Show them how everyone talks and works together. Highlight the importance of chatting and building relationships.

Share team traditions: Talk about any fun stuff the team does together. Brazilians enjoy being part of group activities.

Set up mentoring: Pair them with a teammate who can answer their questions and guide them. This personal help is really valued.

Virtual social events: Organize casual online hangouts so new hires can get to know everyone. Brazilians like feeling like part of the team.

Discuss work-life balance: Make sure they know it’s okay to take time off and not overdo it. This helps them feel more comfortable.

Doing these things makes Brazilian employees feel welcome and helps avoid misunderstandings early on.

Communication Tools & Strategies

Here’s how to talk clearly with Brazilian employees who work remotely:


  • WhatsApp: Great for quick messages. Very popular in Brazil.
  • Zoom/Teams: Use these for video calls, like meetings or just to catch up.
  • Slack/Teams: Good for group chats. Helps everyone work together and have fun chats too.
  • Asana/Trello: These help keep track of who needs to do what by when.


  • Chat one-on-one often to get to know each other better.
  • Explain the ‘why’ behind tasks so they get the big picture.
  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to speak up in meetings.
  • Sum up what was decided in meetings and who will do what next.
  • Mix work talk with friendly chats to build a strong team.

Using the right tools and being mindful of cultural differences makes working with Brazilian employees smooth and productive.

Performance Management Approach

Here’s how to help Brazilian employees do their best work:

Set clear expectations

  • Work together to set goals that help the company and their own growth. Check in on these regularly.
  • Plan out projects with clear steps.
  • Talk about how to give and get feedback.

Provide continuous feedback

  • Celebrate good work often; it means a lot to Brazilians.
  • When giving criticism, focus on the task, not the person. Be kind.
  • Ask for their ideas on making work better.

Conduct thorough reviews

  • Talk about how they’re doing with specific examples. Prepare well for this.
  • Let them share how they think they’re doing.
  • Decide on what to work on next and how to help each other. Sign any necessary paperwork.

Develop high potential

  • Give top performers new challenges, like leading a project.
  • Pay for training or courses they’re interested in.
  • Talk about how they can grow in their career.

This approach focuses on support and building relationships, which helps Brazilian employees and the whole team do well.

Overcoming Key Challenges When Hiring Talent in Brazil

Mitigating Turnover & Retention Risks

Keeping your Brazilian marketing team happy and sticking around can be tough because other companies might try to hire them away. Here’s how to keep them:

  • Make sure you’re paying them well and giving good benefits. Look at what others in Brazil are paying for similar jobs and try to match or do better.
  • Help them learn new things and take on bigger roles. Paying for courses or letting them lead projects can keep them interested.
  • Say thank you for their hard work often. This can be through a raise, a simple ‘good job’, or small rewards. They’ll appreciate being appreciated.
  • Create a friendly workplace where they feel they belong and can speak up. This makes them feel important.
  • Let them have a good balance between work and life. Don’t overwork them and give them time off when they need it. Happy workers are more likely to stay.
  • Give them the latest tools for their job. Working with new and exciting tools keeps the job interesting.
Bridging Cultural Gaps

Sometimes working with people from different places can be tricky. Here’s how to make everyone get along better:

  • Teach everyone about the different ways of doing things in Brazil and your other locations to avoid mix-ups.
  • Pair up Brazilian staff with someone who can show them the ropes and help them adjust.
  • Celebrate different holidays together. Sharing food and stories about traditions helps everyone understand each other better.
  • Agree on basic rules for things like feedback and meetings. This makes working together easier.
  • Use chat apps for informal talks. Getting to know your teammates on a personal level is important.
  • Try to meet in person if you can. Seeing each other face-to-face helps build stronger connections.
  • If there’s a disagreement, listen to everyone fairly and try to understand where they’re coming from.
Managing Complex Compliance

Dealing with all the rules for hiring in Brazil can be a lot. An Employer of Record (EOR) can make it way easier by handling all the legal stuff for you.

EORs take care of:

  • Keeping up with laws about minimum wage, overtime, time off, and firing to keep you out of trouble
  • Making sure pay, benefits, and taxes are done right
  • Following laws about fair hiring and equality
  • Keeping track of any new laws so you’re always up to date

With an EOR, you can focus on your marketing goals without worrying about the legal details. They take the risk, not you.

Instead of setting up your own HR in Brazil, using an EOR lets you hire Brazilian talent quickly, safely, and legally.

Conclusion & Next Steps

Hiring marketing folks from Brazil can be a smart move. They bring creativity, tech skills, and can fit well with your team, all without breaking the bank.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Brazil has lots of skilled people you can hire without spending too much.
  • Skills like SEO, using social media for business, and designing stuff are common.
  • It’s usually easy to work together because of similar cultures.
  • Using a service that hires people for you in Brazil can handle the legal stuff.
  • Knowing how to write job posts, where to look for people, how to interview, and how to welcome them to your team is key.

If you think hiring from Brazil is right for you, here’s what to do next:

  • Figure out what you need – Know the jobs you want to fill, what skills are needed, how much you can pay, and when you need them.
  • Look into how to hire – Decide if you want to hire people directly or use a service that does the legal work. Know what they offer and what it costs.
  • Ask around – See if anyone you know has contacts in Brazil who can help find the right people.
  • Post jobs in the right places – Use job sites and groups in Brazil that focus on marketing to find good candidates.
  • Talk to candidates – Start with quick calls to get to know them, then do deeper interviews with the ones you like.
  • Make good job offers – Offer a fair deal with clear info on pay, benefits, and what the job is like.
  • Welcome them well – Help new hires from Brazil feel at home with training, a buddy to help them, and team activities.

Following these steps can help you find great marketing talent from Brazil to help your business grow. If you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to ask.

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