5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Remote Graphic Designers from Colombia

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 5, 2024
Are you considering hiring remote graphic designers? In this blog we'll explore why Colombian designers could be your best choice!
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Considering hiring remote graphic designers? Here’s why Colombian designers could be your best choice:

  • Rich and Diverse Talent Pool: From branding to UI/UX and motion graphics, Colombia’s strong creative scene offers a wide array of skilled designers.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Save significantly without compromising on quality, thanks to the lower living costs in Colombia.
  • Cultural Fit and Flexibility: With similar time zones and cultural influences, Colombian designers integrate easily into North American teams.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Expect fresh, imaginative ideas that stand out in a crowded market.
  • Legal and Logistical Ease: Hiring and collaborating with Colombian designers is straightforward, thanks to compatible time zones, clear copyright laws, and easy payment options.

Quick Summary: Hiring remote graphic designers from Colombia offers a perfect blend of affordability, talent, and ease of collaboration. Whether you’re looking for innovative designs, cost savings, or a smooth hiring process, Colombian designers have what it takes to boost your creative team.

1. Rich and Diverse Talent Pool

Colombia is full of skilled graphic designers thanks to its strong creative scene. The country has great design schools, communities where creatives gather, and lots of job opportunities. This means you can find many talented designers who specialize in different areas like:

  • Branding and visual identity
  • UI/UX design
  • Illustration
  • Motion graphics
  • Print design

No matter what kind of designer you need – someone to create illustrations, design websites, or lead art projects – there are plenty of options in Colombia. The competition for design jobs there pushes designers to do their best work.

Besides being great at design, these professionals from Colombia also bring other benefits:

  • They usually speak English well, making communication easy.
  • They work in time zones close to North America, which helps with teamwork and meeting schedules compared to designers from far away places.
  • They understand US culture because Colombian design has been influenced by it. This means they get what international clients want.

Choosing a graphic designer from Colombia means getting someone who’s not just talented in design but also fits well with your team.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions

Hiring remote graphic designers from Colombia can really help your budget, especially when compared to hiring in your own country. Designers in Colombia usually expect less money for their work than designers in the US. This means you can get really good designers without having to spend a lot.

For instance, a graphic designer in Colombia might earn about $17,000 USD a year, while in the US, a designer could earn about $50,000 USD a year. So, you could hire a designer from Colombia for about a third of what you’d pay a designer in the US.

Also, when you hire someone to work remotely, you don’t have to worry about the costs of an office space or buying them equipment. Remote designers use their own stuff, which helps you save more money.

Colombia has a lot of talented designers because there’s a lot of competition and good training. This means you can hire really skilled designers for much less than what you’d pay in the US or Europe.

Other ways you save money by hiring designers from Colombia include:

  • You pay less in taxes and for healthcare
  • You don’t need to pay for them to move or get a visa
  • You can hire them just for specific projects or part-time
  • Since Colombia is in a similar time zone to the US, it’s easier to work together

All these savings and the great talent available make Colombia a smart choice for finding affordable and skilled remote graphic designers for your business. This way, you can get more out of your design budget.

3. Cultural Fit and Flexibility

When you hire remote graphic designers from Colombia, you get people who are easy to work with and understand how businesses in places like the US operate. This means they can easily become part of your team.

Here are a few reasons why this is great:

  • Similar time zones – Colombia has the same working hours as most of North America. This makes talking and working together much simpler.
  • Good cultural fit – Colombian designers know what’s popular in the US and can create designs that fit well with what people there like.
  • Professional work ethic – Designers in Colombia are serious about their jobs and want to build strong work relationships. You can trust them to be dependable.
  • Flexibility – Remote designers are used to working with different teams and in various settings. You can hire them for ongoing work or just for special projects.
  • “Nearshore” benefits – Because Colombia is close to and shares cultural connections with North America, you can get great design talent without the high costs or complicated legal stuff.

Colombian graphic designers offer a mix of skills, cultural understanding, and the ability to work flexibly, making it easier to grow your creative team. With remote work, you don’t have to give up easy communication or teamwork to save money. This is a smart way to make your marketing better without spending a lot.

4. Innovation and Creativity

Graphic designers from Colombia are great at coming up with new and exciting ideas for their work. They have received excellent training and are part of a lively scene that values creativity. This means they often create work that stands out because it’s different and imaginative.

Here’s what you might find when you look at the work of Colombian designers:

  • Trying new things – They’re always keeping up with the latest trends and aren’t afraid to experiment. This could mean using bold colors, mixing digital with hand-drawn elements, or using new tools. Their work is always fresh.
  • Smart and memorable designs – Colombian designers are good at making visuals that stick in your mind. They know how to tell a story and grab your attention.
  • Love for creativity – For these designers, their work is a way to express themselves. This love for design shows in the care and detail they put into their work.
  • Inspired by their culture – Their work often includes bright colors, natural shapes, and a sense of joy. It’s lively and full of personality.
  • Flexible – These designers can adjust their style to fit different projects while still adding their unique touch.

Colombian designers have the training to back up their ideas and the creativity to try new things. This mix means you get someone who knows their stuff but is also willing to push boundaries.

By hiring a graphic designer from Colombia, you’re bringing in someone who can offer fresh views and creative ideas to your projects. Their energetic and innovative approach can help your brand’s visuals become more exciting and engaging.

5. Legal and Logistical Ease

Hiring remote graphic designers from Colombia is straightforward when it comes to the legal and logistical side of things. Here are some reasons why:

  • Easy hiring process – It’s easy to hire remote workers from Colombia. There are websites that help U.S. companies set up contracts for hiring people from other countries. These contracts cover payment, what work needs to be done, and more.
  • Time zone benefits – Colombia is only about 1 hour ahead or behind EST, so setting up meetings and working together is easy. No need to stay up late for calls.
  • Cultural similarities – Colombian culture is quite similar to the U.S. This means designers from Colombia quickly get what clients want and expect.
  • Interest in remote work – A lot of skilled designers in Colombia are looking for remote work with companies from other countries. They’re eager for the chance to grow in their careers.
  • Good English – Colombia is known for its high level of English in Latin America. This makes talking and working together smooth.
  • Copyright laws – Colombia’s copyright laws are up-to-date and match international standards. This means you keep the rights to any design work.
  • Easy payments – Sending money to Colombia is simple with global payment services like Payoneer and PayPal.

By choosing remote graphic designers from Colombia, you avoid a lot of the usual legal hassle that comes with hiring from abroad. Adding them to your team is pretty straightforward.


Hiring remote graphic designers from Colombia is a smart move for companies looking to grow their creative teams. Let’s break down why Colombian designers are worth considering:

Great Value for Money

In Colombia, you can find really skilled designers who don’t cost as much as they would in the US or Europe. This means you can save money while still getting high-quality design work.

Lots of Talented Designers

Colombia has a big community of designers who are good at different things like logos, websites, and more. They’re always trying to get better at what they do, which means you get access to some of the best design skills out there.

Easy to Work With

Colombian designers often work at the same time as teams in the US because of similar time zones. They’re also good at English and understand how businesses in other countries work, making it easy to work together.

Creative and New Ideas

Designers from Colombia are known for being creative and trying new things. This means they can bring fresh and exciting ideas to your projects.

Simple Hiring Process

Hiring designers from Colombia is straightforward. There are services that make setting up contracts easy, and sending money is simple too. Plus, you won’t have to worry about complicated legal issues.

In short, hiring graphic designers from Colombia lets you improve your designs without spending a lot of money. Their creativity, ability to fit into international teams, and professionalism make them a great choice for any company looking to boost their creative output.

Related Questions

Why should you hire people from Colombia?

Colombia has a lot of talented people because the country has been growing a lot and schools have gotten better. Here’s why hiring from Colombia is a good idea:

  • The country’s economy is doing well, which means people have more job experience.
  • Schools and universities are getting better, so graduates are really skilled, especially in technical fields.
  • Colombia has a mix of different cultures, which makes people creative and open to new ideas.
  • Many people in Colombia speak English well, so working with teams from other countries is easier.

In short, people from Colombia are skilled, have lots of job experience, are creative, and can easily work with international teams.

What would be the main 3 factors that would decide to hire a graphic designer?

When you’re looking to hire a graphic designer, think about these three things:

  • Design portfolio: Look at their past work to see if you like their style and if it fits what you need for your project.
  • Industry experience: It’s helpful if they’ve worked on projects similar to yours before. They’ll understand your audience better.
  • Communication ability: They should be good at talking about their ideas and listening to feedback. Being able to communicate well is really important.

Looking at their work, knowing if they’ve worked in your area before, and how well they communicate will help you pick the right designer.

What are the benefits of hiring a graphic designer?

Hiring a graphic designer can really help your business:

  • Brand identity: They can make your brand look unique and memorable.
  • Time savings: They handle the design work, so you can focus on other things. Plus, they’re quick.
  • Trust and credibility: Good design makes your business look more professional.
  • Adaptability: They can make designs that work both online and in print.
  • Employee morale: Nice designs can make your team proud of where they work.

Good design can make your business look better, save you time, and even make your team happier.

What is the best way to find international clients for a graphic designer?

Here are some tips for graphic designers looking for clients from other countries:

  • Show off a portfolio that highlights what you’re best at. Make sure it appeals to people all over the world.
  • Use websites for freelancers and job boards to show your work and share feedback from past clients. Mention if you’re good at English.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn and Reddit to meet other designers and potential clients. Share your knowledge to get noticed.
  • Make videos or blog posts that show how you design. Use keywords to help people find your content.
  • Offer special deals or free chats to new clients from other countries to get them interested.

By sharing your work, connecting with others, and offering something special, you can attract clients from all over the world.

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