5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Graphic Designer from Argentina

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Apr 8, 2024
Thinking about enhancing your brand's design without breaking the bank? Here's why you should consider a graphic designer from Argentina:
Overhead view of a graphic designer working with color palettes, digital tablets, and dual monitors at a white desk, symbolizing creativity and design expertise.

Thinking about enhancing your brand’s design without breaking the bank? Here’s why you should consider a graphic designer from Argentina:

  • Cultural and Creative Synergy: Argentine designers are immersed in a vibrant culture of art and design from a young age, enabling them to produce unique and appealing work.
  • Convenient Time Zones: Working with designers from Argentina means easy collaboration, thanks to minimal time differences, especially with the US East Coast.
  • Bilingual and Educated: Many designers are fluent in English and highly educated, making communication smooth.
  • Economic Advantages: Enjoy high-quality designs at lower costs, thanks to Argentina’s competitive rates and tax benefits for foreign companies.
  • Low Attrition Rates: Argentine designers value international opportunities, leading to longer, more stable working relationships.

In essence, hiring a graphic designer from Argentina can offer your business unique designs, cost savings, and hassle-free collaboration.

1. Cultural and Creative Synergy

Argentina is a place where creativity is everywhere. This means that graphic designers from Argentina are used to being around lots of art and design from a young age. They see colorful street art, interesting posters, and other creative works all the time. This environment helps them come up with their own special styles. Plus, many of them go to some of the best design schools, like the University of Buenos Aires, known for being top-notch in teaching art and design.

Growing up in such a creative atmosphere helps Argentine designers understand and work well with clients from different parts of the world. They’re good at making their designs match what people from other cultures might like or expect, whether that’s something simple and clean or something fun and full of color.

Another good thing is that most people in Argentina speak English, so talking about your ideas and working together on designs is pretty straightforward. You won’t have to worry about misunderstandings or not getting your point across.

In short, hiring a graphic designer from Argentina means you get someone who’s not only technically skilled but also good at thinking creatively and working with people from different backgrounds. This can make your projects more interesting and appealing to a wider audience.

2. Easy to Work Together Because of Time Zones

When you hire a graphic designer from Argentina, you’re in luck because their workday lines up pretty well with the US East Coast. This means there’s a good chance they’re working when you are, making it easy to talk and share ideas without having to stay up late or wake up super early.

This is way better than trying to work with someone from far away places like Asia or Europe, where the time difference can make things tricky. No more needing to talk in the middle of the night just to go over designs.

Because you and your designer from Argentina are working at the same time, it’s easier to get to know each other and work closely together. You can quickly ask questions, make updates, and discuss ideas just like they were right there with you.

This close working relationship means you can come up with better designs together. It’s all about being able to chat easily and bounce ideas off each other without waiting a whole day for a response.

So, if you’re looking for someone who’s not only great at design but also easy to work with because of their location, a designer from Argentina could be just what you need. They’ve got the skills, and the time zone works out perfectly for a smooth partnership.

3. Bilingual and Highly Educated Talent Pool

In Argentina, a lot of people go to school for creative stuff like graphic design. This means there are lots of skilled graphic designers you can choose from.

Also, many people in Argentina are good at English because they start learning it in school. This means talking and working with Argentine designers is usually pretty easy. They can chat about ideas, ask questions to make sure they understand what you want, and use your feedback to make their work even better.

Here’s what you get with designers from Argentina:

  • They know their stuff because they’ve learned from some of the best design programs.
  • They can talk with you in English, so it’s easy to work together even if you’re far apart.
  • They get what people from other places might like in terms of design.
  • Working together is smooth, even if you’re in different countries.

In short, designers from Argentina are not just great at making things look good. They’re also easy to talk to and understand what you’re looking for. This makes finding the right person for your project a lot easier.

4. Economic Advantages

Hiring a graphic designer from Argentina can save you a lot of money compared to hiring someone from your own country. Let’s look at why it’s cheaper:

  • Lower hourly rates – Graphic designers in Argentina usually ask for $20-30 USD per hour. In the US and other rich countries, designers might want $50-150+ per hour. This means you can save a lot of money, especially if you have a big project or need ongoing work.
  • Good quality for less – Even though you pay less, designers from Argentina are really good at what they do. They learn a lot from their schools and the creative culture around them. So, you’re getting top-notch work without spending a ton.
  • Tax breaks – The US and some Latin American countries, like Argentina, have special tax deals. These deals can make it cheaper for US companies to hire people from these places. For example, in Argentina, people who do creative jobs like graphic design don’t have to pay income tax on money they make from foreign companies. This helps lower costs even more.
  • No extra costs – When you hire a freelance designer from Argentina, you don’t have to worry about extra costs like office space, equipment, or benefits. These costs add up quickly when hiring someone locally. Hiring remotely means you can save on these expenses.

By hiring a graphic designer from Argentina, you’re not just saving money. You’re also getting great work. This lets you use your budget for other important things in your business. It’s a win-win – you pay less and still get great results.

5. Low Levels of Worker Attrition

When you hire graphic designers from Argentina, you’ll notice they tend to stick around longer. This is good for a few reasons:

  • They really value the job – Graphic designers in Argentina see working with companies from other countries as a big chance to grow and learn more. This means they’re likely to stay with you for a longer time because they really appreciate the opportunity.
  • They want to keep working – Designers from Argentina know that to keep the job, they need to do great work all the time. This pushes them to always meet your needs.
  • Not as many other job choices – In Argentina, there aren’t as many jobs for graphic designers as in some other places. So, they’re more likely to stay in their current job instead of jumping to a new one.
  • You save on hiring costs – Keeping the same designer for longer means you don’t have to spend money and time looking for someone new very often. This saves you money and keeps your design work consistent.

In short, hiring graphic designers from Argentina can mean less worry about them leaving suddenly. You get a reliable team member who’s in it for the long haul. This makes planning for the future easier because you know you have a steady hand to help with your design needs.


Choosing a graphic designer from Argentina is a really good idea for companies that want to make their designs better. Here’s a quick look at why:

Great Design Skills

Argentina is full of creative energy and has some of the best schools for design. This means designers from there are not only really good at what they do but also bring a special touch to their work that stands out.

You Save Money

Hiring a designer from Argentina can be a lot cheaper. You pay less for their time, get tax breaks, and don’t have to worry about extra office costs. This means you get great work without spending a fortune.

Working Together is Easy

There’s not a big time difference, so you can talk and share ideas easily. This helps you and your designer get on the same page quickly and make better designs together.

Designers Stick Around

Designers in Argentina usually stay with the same company for a while. They value the job and want to keep working with you, which means you don’t have to keep looking for new people all the time.

They Speak English and Understand Different Cultures

Most designers in Argentina speak English well and know how to make designs that people from other places will like. This makes working with them smooth and straightforward.

By choosing a designer from Argentina, you get someone who’s talented, saves you money, and is easy to work with. Their understanding of different cultures and ability to speak English makes everything smoother. It’s a smart move for any company that wants to improve its design work.

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