The Best Marketing Automation Tools of the Year: Our Top Picks

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Nov 8, 2023
Learn about the top 10 marketing automation tools of 2023, comparing their features, pricing, pros, cons and ideal use cases. Get guidance on selecting the right platform to boost marketing performance.
A collection of marketing automation tool logos, including HubSpot, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and others, representing the top picks in the industry.

Marketing automation tools have become indispensable for businesses looking to streamline workflows, nurture leads, and drive growth in today’s digital landscape. But with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which platform is the best fit for your unique needs and budget.

In this post, our goal is to provide you with an objective overview of the top leading tools, analyzing their key features, pros and cons, pricing, and ideal use cases so you can make an informed decision on which one to adopt.

Let’s dive in and explore the top contenders in marketing automation!


But First, What is Marketing Automation?


Before reviewing the top tools, let’s quickly define marketing automation and how it works. Marketing automation refers to software that allows you to automate repetitive marketing tasks and campaigns across channels. It aims to nurture prospects with relevant, timely, and personalized content and messaging.


The core capabilities of marketing automation platforms include:

  • Lead scoring
  • Email campaign automation
  • Landing page and forms builders
  • Workflow creation
  • CRM and other software integrations
  • Analytics and reporting


Marketing automation delivers several key benefits:

  • Saves time by eliminating tedious manual tasks
  • Increased efficiency through standardized workflows
  • Improved lead nurturing and communications
  • Personalized messaging scaled across your audience
  • Better data and insights for optimization


With marketing automation, you can track prospect behaviors and trigger actions like sending targeted emails, recommending content, alerting sales reps, and more. This creates an intelligent lead engagement process tailored to each individual.


Lead Scoring


Lead scoring allows you to track prospect engagement and determine sales readiness based on activities like email opens, form fills, site visits, and more. Marketing automation platforms assign points for these interactions, scoring leads accordingly. Higher scoring leads can then be prioritized for sales follow-up. Floowi’s team can help adjust lead scoring models to optimize results.


Email Marketing Automation


You can use marketing automation to trigger personalized email campaigns based on prospect behaviors and preferences. This includes setting up lifecycle campaigns like welcome series for new contacts, re-engagement series for inactive leads, and more. You can define the send cadence, frequency caps, and parameters like time of day to send.

For example, you could set up a 3-email nurturing sequence to send to people who visited your pricing page but did not convert initially. The first email might focus on product benefits, the second on ROI stories, and the third with a special offer.


Workflow Automation


The platform should make it easy to create multi-step campaigns and lifecycle journeys tailored to lead behaviors. For instance, you could set up workflows to enroll VIP prospects in a dedicated nurturing track or send a satisfaction survey 30 days after a purchase.


Top 10 Marketing Automation Platforms


Now let’s explore the top marketing automation tools available today based on market share, capabilities, and reviews. We’ll be evaluating the following criteria for each platform:

  • Ease of use
  • Features and functionality
  • Scalability
  • Integrations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Pricing and value
  • Templates and customization

Most of the tools below offer free trials so you can test them out first-hand. The Floowi team can provide unbiased guidance on selecting the right software for your needs. Let’s get started!


1. HubSpot


HubSpot offers an all-in-one inbound marketing and sales platform with robust automation capabilities.

Pros: Powerful analytics, broad range of templates, wide app integration marketplace.

Cons: Steep learning curve, complex interface.

Pricing: Four tiers from free to enterprise plans up to $3200/month.

Best For: Mid-market to enterprise B2B companies seeking a highly customizable and integrated tool.


2. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform with straightforward automation features perfect for beginners.

Pros: Very user-friendly, affordable pricing, great for small business.

Cons: Less complex features and customization options.

Pricing: Four tiers from free to $299/month.

Best For: Small businesses getting started with basic marketing automation.


3. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign offers robust email marketing, sales CRM, and automation in one integrated platform.

Pros: Very sales-focused, built-in CRM, intuitive interface.

Cons: Clunky workflow builder, limited free plan.

Pricing: $9 – $259/month based on contacts and features.

Best For: Small to mid-size B2B companies.


4. Ontraport


Ontraport is oriented around visual campaign building with a drag-and-drop editor.

Pros: Very intuitive visual interface, goal-oriented.

Cons: Fewer advanced features like A/B testing.

Pricing: $79 – $297/month.

Best For: Small businesses focused on visual workflow creation.


5. Marketing Nation (Marketo)


Marketing Nation, previously known as Marketo, is a leading B2B marketing automation platform part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

Pros: Robust features, powerful analytics, and reporting.

Cons: Complex to use, expensive.

Pricing: Custom quotes.

Best For: Enterprise B2B marketing teams.


6. Pardot


Pardot offers full-featured B2B marketing automation as part of Salesforce.

Pros: Tight Salesforce integration, lead management capabilities.

Cons: Steep learning curve, clunky interface.

Pricing: $1,250 – $3,000/month.

Best For: B2B companies using Salesforce.


7. Omnisend


Omnisend specializes in ecommerce marketing automation with tools for lead generation.

Pros: Great for product promotions and email campaigns.

Cons: Light on advanced workflows and CRM functionality.

Pricing: $89 – $399/month.

Best For: Ecommerce businesses driving sales.


8. Autopilot


Autopilot is a visual marketing automation platform great for workflows.

Pros: Intuitive drag-and-drop builder, easy to use.

Cons: Less robust analytics and reporting.

Pricing: $150 – $600/month.

Best For: SMBs looking for visual workflow creation.


9. GetResponse


GetResponse offers marketing automation tailored for online businesses and bloggers.

Pros: Affordable pricing, webinar marketing features.

Cons: Less B2B and CRM functionality.

Pricing: $15 – $99/month.

Best For: Online businesses, bloggers, and solopreneurs.


10. Keap (Infusionsoft)


Keap, formerly Infusionsoft, provides sales and marketing automation for small businesses.

Pros: Specifically built for SMBs, with CRM and ecommerce features.

Cons: Less robust than enterprise-oriented platforms.

Pricing: $99 – $199/month.

Best For: Small business marketing automation needs.


Key Evaluation Criteria


When selecting a marketing automation platform, there are several key factors to evaluate:

Ease of Use – How intuitive and user-friendly is the interface? Complexity often adds to the learning curve.

Features – Does the tool have the functionality your strategies require at the right level of sophistication?

Integrations – What other software, apps, and databases does it connect with out-of-the-box?

Analytics – How robust are the analytics and reporting capabilities? Can you glean actionable insights?

Scalability – Can the platform grow with your needs over time as leads and campaigns scale up?

Support – Is onboarding, ongoing training, and customer support sufficient?

Pricing – Does the cost align with the value delivered for your specific use cases?

Templates – Does it offer pre-built templates and workflows to accelerate campaign creation?


Implementation Tips


Here are some best practices to ensure successful marketing automation rollout:

  • Start with 1-2 high-impact campaigns first, rather than overhauling everything at once. Begin your automation journey with a pilot project.
  • Leverage pre-built templates and workflows to accelerate setup. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Ensure your databases, CRM, and metrics are properly configured from the start. Clean data is crucial.
  • Test and refine extensively before launching campaigns at scale. Perfect before going live.
  • Consider having Floowi’s offshore team handle the heavy lifting of implementation and ongoing optimization. Our experts can do the hard work for you.


Align with Overall Strategy


Automation should complement your people, processes, and objectives. Map workflows to the customer journey and have clearly defined goals. Floowi can advise on overall strategic alignment.


Measure and Optimize


Continuously analyze data to identify issues and opportunities. A/B test content like email subject lines to improve results. Refine campaigns, segments, and flows based on insights. Floowi’s team can help optimize performance.


Leverage Offshore Talent


For maximum marketing automation success, consider augmenting your team with Floowi’s offshore talent. Our specialists can handle implementation, campaign creation, list segmentation, lead nurturing workflows, reporting, and ongoing optimization. This frees up your in-house staff to focus on high-level strategy while leveraging offshore experts to execute the tactics. Marketing automation and offshore talent are a powerful combination!




Marketing automation delivers immense value but only if the platform aligns with your specific needs. Carefully evaluate ease of use, capabilities, scalability, analytics, and budget. Platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign are leaders in the space. Floowi’s team of offshore marketing experts can guide your journey into marketing automation to maximize ROI. By leveraging offshore talent, you get cost-effective access to automation specialists. Reach out for a free consultation today to kickstart your automation strategy. Our skilled offshore team is ready to help you execute marketing automation the right way and see outstanding results.


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