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Finding great talent without breaking the bank is more challenging than ever.

As a startup ourselves, we understand the daunting challenge of finding top talent on a budget and racing against time. That’s why Floowi exists – to assist startups and agencies in securing top talent from LatAm, empowering them to scale their businesses cost-effectively.

Our motto is simple but powerful: we believe that every startup deserves access to the talent they need to thrive, and we’re here to make it happen.

The driving factors behind our solution

Budget Constraints

Startups and entrepreneurs often struggle to find highly skilled employees without spending a lot of money. Hiring top talent can be expensive, and it’s tough for businesses with limited funds to afford it.

Limited Talent Options

It’s not easy for startups and entrepreneurs to find the right people with the skills they need. They might not have access to a wide pool of talented individuals, making it hard to build a strong team.

Growth Challenges

To grow and expand, businesses need the right people to help them. Finding these individuals, especially within a tight budget, can be a big obstacle


Our vision is to revolutionize the way startups and agencies source talent by facilitating access to exceptional Latin American professionals, allowing them to cost-effectively scale their businesses.

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