5 Tips for Writing a Perfect Job Proposal

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 12, 2024
Looking to make your job proposal stand out? In this article we'll explore five essential tips to help you craft a compelling proposal.
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Looking to make your job proposal stand out? Here are five essential tips to help you craft a compelling proposal that showcases your unique value, aligns with the employer’s needs, and demonstrates how you can solve their problems. Use our free template to get started.

  • Understand the Employer’s Needs: Research the company, identify their problems, and align with their values.
  • Define Your Unique Value Proposition: Highlight your strengths and how they match the employer’s needs.
  • Outline Your Proposed Solutions and Impact: Propose strategies, include metrics, and show potential impact.
  • Show What You’ve Done Before: Share your education, work wins, and any awards.
  • Use a Professional Format: Follow structural conventions and use our free template for a polished look.

Grab the Floowi job proposal template and follow these steps to create a job proposal that gets noticed.

Conduct Research on the Company

Do some homework on the company you’re interested in. Look at their website, check out their social media, and read any news about them. Try to get a feel for what they do, who they serve, and what they’re all about. This helps you see where you might fit in and how you can help them.

Identify Specific Problems to Solve

Figure out where the company might be having trouble and think about how your skills could make a difference. For example, if they’re not getting a lot of action on social media or if their website isn’t showing up well in search results, you could suggest ways to improve that. Show them how you can solve these problems and make things better.

Align with Company Values and Priorities

Find out what the company really cares about and show them how you care about the same things. If they’re big on teamwork, talk about how you work well with others. If they’re into saving the environment, mention any experience you have with that. It’s about showing that you get what they’re about and that you’re on the same page.

By really understanding what the company needs, you can write a proposal that shows you’re the right person for the job. It’s about proving that you’re not just a good fit for the role but that you’re excited about it and ready to help the company succeed.

Tip 2: Clearly Define Your Unique Value Proposition

When you’re writing a job proposal, it’s super important to tell employers what makes you stand out. This part will help you figure out how to share your special skills and experiences in a way that catches their attention.

Identify Your Key Strengths
  • Think about what you’re really good at. This could be things you’ve learned to do well, your natural talents, or achievements you’re proud of.
  • Ask yourself how you’re different from other people who might apply for the same job.
  • Do you have any special skills or know something not many people do? Write those down.
Match Strengths to Employer Needs
  • Look closely at what the job ad is asking for. See if what they need matches what you’re good at.
  • Show them how you’ve used your skills to do great things before, with real examples.

If the job is about improving a company’s social media, tell them about a time when you helped get more likes or shares for something.

Convey Your Personal Brand
  • Talk about why you love this kind of work and why you always try to do your best.
  • Share how you like to work and how that fits with what the company is looking for.
  • Let them know you’re really excited to help them reach their goals.

In short, by sharing what you’re good at, how that fits with the job, and why you’re excited about it, you’ll show them why you’re the right person for the job.

Tip 3: Outline Your Proposed Solutions and Impact

Propose Strategies to Resolve Issues
  • First, really dig into what the company is struggling with and find out where they need help.
  • Come up with clear ideas on how to fix these issues, using what you know works.
  • Make sure what you suggest fits with what the company wants to achieve.
  • Focus on solutions that are doable and will really make a difference.

For instance, if the company isn’t doing well on social media, you could suggest:

  • Taking a close look at their current social media and what’s not working.
  • Coming up with post ideas that their audience will like.
  • Planning out when to post for the best results.
  • Thinking of ways to get their followers more involved.
Include Metrics and Data for Projections

To show how your ideas could help, use numbers and facts like:

  • What’s normal for their industry.
  • How well similar plans have worked before.
  • Estimates of how much money they could save or make.
  • How much better things could get if they use your ideas.

For a better social media plan, you could show:

  • Average likes and shares for similar companies.
  • How few likes and shares they’re getting now.
  • How much you think this could improve with your plan.
  • How this could lead to more sales or interest in what they’re doing.

Using numbers to back up your ideas shows you know what you’re talking about and helps the company see the real value of what you’re suggesting. Pick numbers that make sense for what the company cares about and show how your plan could really make things better for them.

Tip 4: Show What You’ve Done Before

List Your Education and Training
  • Write down any school degrees, special courses, or training you’ve done that fit the job. Like:
    • A college degree in Marketing
    • A certificate for learning Google Analytics
    • An internship in digital marketing at a well-known company
  • Pick the ones that really prove you can do the job.
Talk About Your Work Wins
  • Mention projects or work you’ve done that turned out really well. For instance:
    • “Helped a social media page grow its followers by 40% in just half a year with a smart content plan.”
    • “Built web pages and email series that brought in over 500 new contacts last year.”
  • Use numbers to show how your work made a difference.
Point Out Awards or Praises
  • Share any awards or special mentions you’ve gotten, like:
    • “Named ‘Best Intern’ at Company X in 2020”
    • “Recognized for selling way more than the goal for two straight years”
  • This tells employers that other people have also seen you do great work.

In this part, stick to the facts and use real numbers to show how you’re good at what you do. It’s all about making it clear to potential employers that you’ve got a track record of success that matches what they need.

Tip 5: Use a Professional Format and Free Template

Follow Proper Structural Conventions

When you’re writing a job proposal, it’s key to organize it well and make it look neat. This tells the people you want to work for that you’re serious and know what you’re doing. Here’s what to remember:

  • Pick fonts and headings that are easy to read
  • Use enough spaces so it’s not all cramped up
  • Arrange everything in an order that makes sense, so anyone can easily find what they’re looking for
  • Stick to a familiar setup like:
    • Cover letter
    • Table of contents
    • Overview
    • Relevant experience
    • Proposed solutions
    • Qualifications
    • Conclusion
  • Double-check for any mistakes

Keeping your proposal tidy and well-organized gives a good first impression. It makes people more interested in seeing why you’re the best fit for the job.

Job Proposal Template

To help you out, Floowi has a template you can change up to fit your needs. It’s made for people looking to work in marketing abroad.

This template helps you with:

  • Matching what you’re good at with what the job needs
  • Showing your qualifications in a professional way
  • Explaining your ideas for solving problems
  • Sharing your successes

It also has parts for a cover letter, table of contents, and more.

You can adjust the template to:

  • Fit the marketing job you’re aiming for
  • Include important words from the job ad
  • Add your own experiences and thoughts

Using this template makes it easier to put together a proposal that stands out. It cuts down on the work for you and helps you focus on showing why you’re the right choice.

So, grab the Floowi job proposal template now and use it to get your next marketing job abroad. It’s designed to make the process smoother and help you make a strong impression.


When you’re trying to get a job, making a really good job proposal can help you stand out. Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Do your homework on the company and the job. Understand what they need and how you can help by looking into their problems and suggesting solutions.
  • Explain what makes you special. Talk about your skills and wins, and show how they’re just what the company is looking for. Use numbers to show how you can make a difference.
  • Share your game plan. Tell them how you think you can solve their problems with specific strategies. Use facts and figures to make your case stronger.
  • Highlight your past success. Mention your qualifications and any big wins at work. It’s helpful to use stats to show what you’ve achieved.
  • Keep it neat and tidy. Using a clear format and a template can help make your proposal look professional. This shows you’re serious and organized.

Writing a great proposal takes work, but it can really help you get noticed. The Floowi job proposal template is a good place to start. Make it your own by adding your details and ideas. This way, you can show why you’re the best person for the job in a clear and straightforward way.

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