5 Signs It’s Time To Hire a remote SEO Specialist

By Cam Velasco

CEO & Co-Founder
Published: Mar 24, 2024
If your website's not getting the attention it deserves, it might be time to hire a remote SEO specialist. In this article we'll dive into the top 5 signs you need identify before hiring an SEO Specialist.
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If your website’s not getting the attention it deserves, it might be time to hire a remote SEO specialist. In this article we’ll dive into the top 5 signs you need identify before hiring an SEO Specialist.

1. Your Website Isn’t Ranking for Targeted Keywords

If your website isn’t showing up at the top of Google when you search for important words related to your business, you’re missing out on a lot of visitors. Here are some reasons you might need to hire a remote SEO specialist:

  • Even after you’ve looked up the right keywords, your website still doesn’t show up for those searches. An SEO expert can check out your website’s setup and the way you’ve organized information to find out what’s stopping you from ranking higher.
  • You might have technical issues like errors that stop Google from reading your site properly, not enough good content, or your website might be slow. A specialist can look into these and fix them.
  • If trying to get other websites to link to yours hasn’t helped you rank better, an SEO consultant can come up with a plan that’s right for what you do.
  • If you’re trying to show up in local searches but it’s not working, an SEO pro can work on making your business more visible locally by fixing your listings, getting more reviews, improving your content, and sorting out technical stuff.
  • If you’re too busy running your business to keep up with SEO, hiring someone to do it for you makes sense. They can handle the heavy lifting while you focus on your work.

When your site can’t get noticed no matter how hard you try, it’s smart to bring in a remote SEO expert. They can figure out what’s wrong, come up with a plan to fix it, and help you get more people visiting your site.

2. You’re Experiencing a Decline in Organic Traffic

If you’ve noticed fewer people are visiting your website from search engines, it might mean that your SEO needs some work. Here’s why getting a remote SEO specialist could help:

  • An SEO expert can check your website for problems like slow loading or links that don’t work, which can push you down in search results. They’ll suggest fixes to make your site better.
  • They can take a close look at the words you’re using to attract visitors. If you’re not using the right keywords, you might not be drawing in the right crowd. An expert can help you pick better ones.
  • They’ll make sure your website is set up in a way that search engines like. This includes making sure things like page titles and headings are done right.
  • An expert can plan out your content better so it answers what people are looking for. This way, search engines will like your site more.
  • They can also help you get more websites to link to yours through different methods like partnerships or guest posts. This makes your site seem more trustworthy to search engines.
  • An expert will keep an eye on important SEO numbers to see how well things are going and make changes if needed.

Hiring a remote SEO specialist can give you the help you need to figure out why fewer people are coming to your site and how to fix it. With their knowledge, they can help your website attract more visitors again.

3. Your In-House Team Lacks SEO Expertise

Sometimes, your own marketing team might find SEO a bit too challenging, especially with all the new rules and tricks that keep coming up. Here’s when you might want to think about getting some outside help:

  • If your team is too busy to make sure every piece of content is designed to attract more visitors using specific keywords, an SEO expert can plan out what to write about to get noticed.
  • When issues like slow website speed or links that don’t work aren’t caught because no one’s looking for them, a consultant can do regular checks to find and fix these problems.
  • If nobody on your team knows how to do really detailed stuff like checking out the competition, reaching out for links, organizing your site better, or making sure visitors do what you want them to do, it’s a good idea to hire someone who does.
  • When you’re not sure if the SEO work you’re doing is actually helping, an expert can set up ways to measure success.
  • If your team doesn’t have the right tools for tracking how well your website is doing or understanding what visitors do on your site, a consultant who knows their stuff will have what’s needed.

Instead of giving all your SEO work to someone else, you can just get an expert to help your team do better. This way, your own people can keep doing what they’re good at, with a bit of extra help to make sure you’re getting noticed online.

4. You’re Unable to Keep Up with SEO Trends and Algorithm Changes

Staying updated with SEO trends and changes from Google can feel like a job on its own. When Google changes how it ranks websites, if you don’t keep up, your website might not show up as high in search results. Here’s why you might need an SEO expert:

  • If you’re too busy to keep an eye on every new update or trend in SEO, like voice search or changes in what people are searching for, an SEO expert can help. They make it their job to know these things and adjust your plan so you stay on top.
  • Technical SEO stuff, like making sure your website loads fast, works well on phones, and doesn’t have duplicate pages, can get tricky. An SEO specialist knows how to handle these.
  • Creating lots of good content is hard work. An SEO consultant can come up with a plan to make sure your content is what Google wants to see.
  • Getting other websites to link to yours the right way is important but not easy. A specialist knows how to get good links without causing problems.
  • Turning visitors into buyers or leads means making sure they find what they’re looking for easily. An SEO expert can look at how people use your site and make suggestions for improvements.

Hiring an SEO specialist means you have someone who keeps track of all the changes in SEO for you. This way, you can focus on other things while making sure your website keeps doing well in search results.

5. You Need to Scale Your SEO Efforts Quickly

When your business starts growing, you’ll probably need to do more with SEO. This means making sure more parts of your website are set up right for search engines, targeting more keywords, and maybe even aiming to reach people in different places. Here’s when you might need to bring in a remote SEO expert to help you handle the bigger workload:

  • If you’re finding that there’s just too much SEO work for your team to manage well. This could be because you’re trying to focus on more keywords, create more pages, or reach out to more areas.
  • You’re stuck on how to do the really tricky SEO stuff, like moving your site to a new platform, organizing your site’s data better, or making sure your site works well with voice searches.
  • Your website is having a hard time keeping up with more visitors, or it’s just not as quick and reliable as it should be. You might need someone to check over your site and fix these issues.
  • You want to start reaching out to people in different countries but don’t really know the best way to do this or understand the language.
  • You’re trying to make sure the money you’re spending on SEO is really making a difference. An SEO expert can help you figure out where to focus your efforts for the best results.
  • You need a better way to keep track of how your SEO is doing, especially if your website is getting bigger and more complicated. You might need some special tools for this.

When your business is growing fast and your SEO needs to catch up, hiring a remote SEO expert can be a smart move. They know how to handle bigger projects, make your website better, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your SEO budget. They can help your SEO grow right along with your business.


Knowing when to get a remote SEO specialist on board can really help your business get noticed online.

Bringing in the right SEO pro can solve a lot of headaches by fixing current problems and planning for the future. They offer smart, flexible ways to improve your SEO no matter where you’re starting from.

Related Questions

Is it worth hiring an SEO specialist?

Yes, getting an SEO specialist can really help if you’re trying to get more people to visit your website from search engines like Google. They know all the latest tricks and updates and can do things like:

  • Find the best words to use on your site so more people find it
  • Fix problems that make your site slow or hard to use on phones
  • Get other websites to link to yours, which Google likes
  • Show you reports to prove they’re making a difference

For bigger businesses, hiring a specialist usually makes sense. Smaller businesses might want to try some SEO on their own first.

How do I know if my SEO company is doing a good job?

To see if your SEO company is doing well, keep an eye on:

  • Organic traffic – More visitors should come from Google over time.
  • Keyword rankings – Your website should start appearing higher when people search for your keywords.
  • Domain authority – A score that should go up, showing your website is getting stronger.
  • Lead generation – You should get more contacts or sales through your site.

If these aren’t improving, talk to your SEO company to see what’s up. It’s important to set realistic goals.

Do I need to hire someone for SEO?

If your team doesn’t know much about SEO, is too busy, or can’t keep up with new rules from Google, it might be a good idea to hire an expert. This lets your team focus on other work while the SEO pro handles making your site more visible on Google.

Think about what your team can do and what gaps an expert could fill. SEO is a smart investment that can bring more people to your site when done right.

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